JEUR Postal Code

Pincode : 423106

Pin code of JEUR is 423106. This location belongs to pin code of Wakhari post office situated in Nashik district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : JEUR

Post Office : Wakhari BO

Postal Code : 423106

Sub District : Malegaon

District : Nashik

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 423106

Location District
Bangaon Nashik
Bhalur Nashik
Bolthan Nashik
Borale Nashik
Dheku KH Nashik
Girnadam Nashik
Hiswal BK Nashik
Hiswal KH Nashik
Jamdhari Nashik
Jategaon Nashik
Kalamdari Nashik
Kasari Nashik
Mandwad Nashik
Mohegaon Nashik
Nandgaon Nashik
Pokhari Nashik
Sakore Nashik
Savargaon Nashik
Vadali BK Nashik
Vehelgaon Nashik
Wakhari Nashik

Nearby local areas of JEUR sharing pincode 423106

Area / Village Pin Code
DHEKU BK, P.O. Dheku KH 423106
JEUR, P.O. Wakhari 423106
KUSUMTEL, P.O. Dheku KH 423106
MALGAON, P.O. Girnadam 423106
MOHEGAON, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
MORZAR, P.O. Vadali BK 423106
NANDGAON RURAL, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
BHAURI, P.O. Bangaon 423106
BOLTHAN, P.O. Bolthan 423106
DHEKU KH, P.O. Dheku KH 423106
HIRENAGAR, P.O. Hiswal BK 423106
JAWALKI, P.O. Bolthan 423106
KALAMDARI, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
KASARI, P.O. Kasari 423106
MULDONGARI, P.O. Sakore 423106
PIMPRALE, P.O. Wakhari 423106
SAKORE, P.O. Sakore 423106
SHASTRINAGER, P.O. Hiswal KH 423106
WADALI BK, P.O. Vadali BK 423106
ASWALDARA, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
BABHULWADI, P.O. Sakore 423106
BANGAON KH, P.O. Bangaon 423106
BOLTHAN, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
GANGADHARI N V, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
JAMDARI, P.O. Jamdhari 423106
JAMDARI, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
JATEGAON, P.O. Jategaon 423106
JATEGAON, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
LODHARE, P.O. Jategaon 423106
LOHASHINGVE, P.O. Bhalur 423106
NANDGAON, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
SHRIRAMNAGAR N V, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
TAKLI KH, P.O. Bangaon 423106
TALWADE, P.O. Vehelgaon 423106
TANDULWADI, P.O. Pokhari 423106
VASANTNAGAR, P.O. Jategaon 423106
VEHELGAON, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
DHOTANE KH, P.O. Hiswal KH 423106
KASARI, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
KHIRDIPATODE, P.O. Bangaon 423106
LAXMINAGAR, P.O. Mohegaon 423106
MANDWAD, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
MANGALANE, P.O. Vehelgaon 423106
PHULENAGAR N V, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
SAKORE, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
VEHELGAON, P.O. Vehelgaon 423106
AMODE, P.O. Borale 423106
BESGAON, P.O. Hiswal KH 423106
BHALUR, P.O. Bhalur 423106
BORALE, P.O. Borale 423106
GANESHNAGAR N V, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
HISWAL KH, P.O. Hiswal KH 423106
PALSHI, P.O. Savargaon 423106
POKHARI PATODE, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
POKHARI PATODE, P.O. Pokhari 423106
SAWARGAON, P.O. Savargaon 423106
TAKLI BK, P.O. Bangaon 423106
WAKHARI, P.O. Wakhari 423106
BORALE, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
DAHIGAON, P.O. Vadali BK 423106
DOCTORWADI, P.O. Sakore 423106
GONDEGAON, P.O. Bolthan 423106
HISWAL BK, P.O. Hiswal BK 423106
HISWAL KH, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
KRANTINAGAR N V, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
MANDWAD, P.O. Mandwad 423106
ROHILE BK, P.O. Bolthan 423106
SOYGAON, P.O. Vadali BK 423106
WADALI BK, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
BANGAON BK, P.O. Bangaon 423106
BANGAON BK, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
CHANDANPURI, P.O. Jategaon 423106
DHEKU KH, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
HINGANWADI N V, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
HISWAL BK, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
KALAMDARI, P.O. Kalamdari 423106
MANIKPUNJ, P.O. Kasari 423106
POHI, P.O. Kasari 423106
SAWARGAON, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
WAKHARI, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
BHALUR, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
GIRNANAGAR N V, P.O. Girnadam 423106
GIRNANAGAR N V, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
KASABKHEDE, P.O. Kasari 423106
MALAHARWADI N V, P.O. Nandgaon 423106
MOHEGAON, P.O. Mohegaon 423106
NEW_PANZAN, P.O. Jamdhari 423106
WADALI KH, P.O. Vadali BK 423106

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