Pincode : 262722

Pin code of JASWANT NAGAR is 262722. This location belongs to pin code of Mohammadapur post office situated in Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : JASWANT NAGAR

Post Office : Mohammadapur BO

Postal Code : 262722

Sub District : Dhaurahara

District : Kheri

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 262722

Location District
Adalispur Kheri
Aira Kheri
Aira Estate Kheri
Belwamoti Kheri
Chakmusepur Kheri
Gaisapur Kheri
Jethra Kheri
Kumhaina Kheri
Lakhun Kheri
Madwa Kheri
Maharaj Nagar Kheri
Midania Kheri
Mohammadapur Kheri
Pakaria Kheri
Phoolpur Gunia Kheri
Rasulpur Kheri
Samdoha Kheri
Samodidih Kheri
Sherpur Kheri

Nearby local areas of JASWANT NAGAR sharing pincode 262722

Area / Village Pin Code
BARETI, P.O. Samodidih 262722
CHAHAMALPUR, P.O. Samdoha 262722
DODARA, P.O. Kumhaina 262722
HARKI BEHAR, P.O. Samodidih 262722
JAGDISHPUR, P.O. Midania 262722
LAKHUN, P.O. Lakhun 262722
PAKARIA, P.O. Pakaria 262722
PHOOLPURGUNIA, P.O. Phoolpur Gunia 262722
SIRSI, P.O. Chakmusepur 262722
ADLISHPUR, P.O. Adalispur 262722
AIRA, P.O. Aira 262722
BABBAR PURWA, P.O. Pakaria 262722
BHITAULI, P.O. Aira 262722
BOJHIYA, P.O. Adalispur 262722
COPA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
D C B KHAMERIA PT, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
DHARIGAPUR, P.O. Jethra 262722
KORIYAN PURWA, P.O. Mohammadapur 262722
LUDHOUNI, P.O. Madwa 262722
MAHATO PURWA, P.O. Rasulpur 262722
MATEHANI, P.O. Aira 262722
MURAUN PURWA, P.O. Rasulpur 262722
NAI BASTI, P.O. Sherpur 262722
NAURANG PUR, P.O. Adalispur 262722
PAKARIA PURWA, P.O. Pakaria 262722
RANJEET GANJ, P.O. Adalispur 262722
RASOOLAPUR, P.O. Rasulpur 262722
RASOOLPUR, P.O. Rasulpur 262722
SHEKHEPUR, P.O. Mohammadapur 262722
SUJAWALPUR, P.O. Lakhun 262722
SULTANA PUR, P.O. Pakaria 262722
UNCHGAON, P.O. Rasulpur 262722
AIRA, P.O. Chakmusepur 262722
AIRA, P.O. Sherpur 262722
ALLAHABAD BANK, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
BEHTA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
JETHRA, P.O. Jethra 262722
KHADAWA, P.O. Lakhun 262722
LALA PURWA, P.O. Mohammadapur 262722
MIDANIA, P.O. Midania 262722
MOHANDAS PURWA, P.O. Adalispur 262722
MURABBA PURWA, P.O. Sherpur 262722
NANDOORA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
SAMAISA, P.O. Lakhun 262722
SARYA, P.O. Adalispur 262722
SURJANPUR, P.O. Gaisapur 262722
AHIRANPURWA, P.O. Mohammadapur 262722
ALLIPUR, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
BANSHI DHAR PURWA, P.O. Kumhaina 262722
BASAIHIYA, P.O. Aira 262722
DARJINPURWA, P.O. Pakaria 262722
DULHA MAOU, P.O. Samdoha 262722
GAISAPUR, P.O. Gaisapur 262722
GHURGHUTTA KHURD, P.O. Belwamoti 262722
HARDEV PUR, P.O. Aira 262722
HIRAND PURWA, P.O. Maharaj Nagar 262722
ISHWARWARA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
MAHRAJ NAGAR, P.O. Maharaj Nagar 262722
MOHAMMADAPUR, P.O. Mohammadapur 262722
PAIKAPUR, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
PARSIYA, P.O. Lakhun 262722
REHUA, P.O. Rasulpur 262722
SHANKERPUR, P.O. Jethra 262722
SHEKHAN PURWA, P.O. Kumhaina 262722
BASARIA, P.O. Aira 262722
BEHAR PUR, P.O. Sherpur 262722
C H C HOSPITAL, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
KHAMARIA PANDIT, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
LAKHPEDA, P.O. Lakhun 262722
LALPUR, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
MAHARIYA, P.O. Mohammadapur 262722
MAHEWA, P.O. Madwa 262722
MUDIA, P.O. Jethra 262722
PAREWA, P.O. Sherpur 262722
RARI, P.O. Belwamoti 262722
SHERPUR, P.O. Samodidih 262722
AIRA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
DILAWALPUR, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
GULARIHA TALUKE AIRA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
GULERIPURWA, P.O. Maharaj Nagar 262722
HARDASPUR, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
ISSAPUR, P.O. Midania 262722
JASWANT NAGAR, P.O. Mohammadapur 262722
KHANWAPUR, P.O. Lakhun 262722
KUMHENA, P.O. Kumhaina 262722
PIPARIYA, P.O. Kumhaina 262722
SADHAR PURWA, P.O. Kumhaina 262722
SADHUWAPUR, P.O. Chakmusepur 262722
SARSWA, P.O. Belwamoti 262722
TAMOLIN PURWA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
TAPER PURWA, P.O. Adalispur 262722
AIRA, P.O. Samodidih 262722
BASAHIA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
BELWA MOTI, P.O. Belwamoti 262722
CHAHALUA, P.O. Samodidih 262722
DIHUWA KHURD, P.O. Adalispur 262722
FATTEPUR, P.O. Lakhun 262722
JANGAL NO 3, P.O. Samdoha 262722
KHAGIYAPUR, P.O. Samdoha 262722
KHANI PUR, P.O. Maharaj Nagar 262722
LALMUNNA, P.O. Rasulpur 262722
MADWA, P.O. Madwa 262722
NAYA GAON, P.O. Kumhaina 262722
RAINI, P.O. Samdoha 262722
RAJAPUR, P.O. Gaisapur 262722
ROTIHA, P.O. Lakhun 262722
SARGARA, P.O. Belwamoti 262722
BEHAN PURWA, P.O. Maharaj Nagar 262722
BHAREHATA, P.O. Adalispur 262722
FOOLPUR, P.O. Chakmusepur 262722
HASANAPUR, P.O. Adalispur 262722
KASHAWA PUR KALA, P.O. Maharaj Nagar 262722
KHAMARIA KHURD, P.O. Gaisapur 262722
MADARA PUR, P.O. Lakhun 262722
MAHARIA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
MATARIA, P.O. Aira Estate 262722
SAMDAHA, P.O. Samdoha 262722
SARIYAN, P.O. Pakaria 262722
SUJAWAL PUR, P.O. Lakhun 262722
TAMNYAR PURWA, P.O. Maharaj Nagar 262722

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