Pincode : 586120

Pin code of IBRAHIMPUR is 586120. This location belongs to pin code of Jalwad post office situated in Bijapur district of Karnataka.

Village / Locality Name : IBRAHIMPUR

Post Office : Jalwad BO

Postal Code : 586120

Sub District : Sindgi

District : Bijapur

State : Karnataka

List of post office belong to postal code 586120

Location District
Bibi ingalgi Bijapur
Hanchli Bijapur
Handiganur Bijapur
Jalwad Bijapur
Kondguli Bijapur
Korwar Bijapur
Mannur Bijapur
Yalgod Bijapur
Kokatnur Bijapur

Nearby local areas of IBRAHIMPUR sharing pincode 586120

Area / Village Pin Code
IBUDIHAL DON, P.O. Kondguli 586120
KOKATNUR, P.O. Kokatnur 586120
SINDGERI OLD, P.O. Hanchli 586120
YALGOD, P.O. Yalgod 586120
BUDIHAL DON, P.O. Kondguli 586120
KORWAR, P.O. Korwar 586120
WANDAL, P.O. Yalgod 586120
BIBI INGALGI, P.O. Bibi ingalgi 586120
NAGARAL DON, P.O. Hanchli 586120
IBRAHIMPUR, P.O. Jalwad 586120
IBRAHIMPURA, P.O. Handiganur 586120
JALWAD, P.O. Jalwad 586120
WARKANHALLI, P.O. Korwar 586120

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