HUSNABAD Postal Code

Pincode : 505467

Pin code of HUSNABAD is 505467. This location belongs to pin code of Husnabad Karim Nagar post office situated in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : HUSNABAD

Post Office : Husnabad SO Karim Nagar

Postal Code : 505467

Sub District : Husnabad

District : Karimnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 505467

Location District
Chigurumamidi Karimnagar
Gouravelli Karimnagar
Husnabad Karim Nagar Karimnagar
Kachapur Karimnagar
Kuchanapalli Karimnagar
Nawabpet Karimnagar
Pandilla Karimnagar
Parveda Karimnagar
Potharam Karimnagar
Potlapalli Karimnagar
Regonda Karimnagar
Samudrala Karimnagar
Sriramulapalli Karimnagar
Sunderagiri Karimnagar

Nearby local areas of HUSNABAD sharing pincode 505467

Area / Village Pin Code
PEECHAPALLI, P.O. Chigurumamidi 505467
AREPALLI, P.O. Husnabad Karim Nagar 505467
CHIGURUMAMIDI, P.O. Chigurumamidi 505467
GENTHERPALLI, P.O. Nawabpet 505467
GOVARDHANAGIRI, P.O. Regonda 505467
KONDAPUR, P.O. Sunderagiri 505467
LAMBADI THANDA, P.O. Gouravelli 505467
LAMBADIPALLI, P.O. Potharam 505467
MYSAMPALLI, P.O. Samudrala 505467
SRIRAMULAPALLE, P.O. Sriramulapalli 505467
NAWABPETA, P.O. Nawabpet 505467
SUNDARAGIRI, P.O. Sunderagiri 505467
AMBAYAPALLI, P.O. Pandilla 505467
BOLLAHAPALLI, P.O. Nawabpet 505467
HARIJANCOLONY, P.O. Pandilla 505467
KACHAPUR, P.O. Kachapur 505467
KOTHAGUDESHALA, P.O. Gouravelli 505467
NAKKIRA KOMMULA, P.O. Parveda 505467
POTLAPALLE, P.O. Potlapalli 505467
LAMBADIPALLI, P.O. Chigurumamidi 505467
NARREGULAPALLI, P.O. Potharam 505467
PARIVEDA, P.O. Parveda 505467
POTHARAM J, P.O. Potharam 505467
TENGULAPALLI, P.O. Sunderagiri 505467
HUSNABAD, P.O. Husnabad Karim Nagar 505467
PANDILLA, P.O. Pandilla 505467
BANJARAPALLI, P.O. Pandilla 505467
BENJERUPALLI, P.O. Sunderagiri 505467
MADDELAGUDESHALA, P.O. Gouravelli 505467
PARKABANDA, P.O. Regonda 505467
GOLIVENKALLAPALLI, P.O. Chigurumamidi 505467
GOURAVELLI, P.O. Gouravelli 505467
GUDACHIPALLI, P.O. Gouravelli 505467
KUCHANPALLE, P.O. Kuchanapalli 505467
LAMBADIPALLI, P.O. Regonda 505467
REGONDA, P.O. Regonda 505467
SAMUDRALA, P.O. Samudrala 505467

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