Pincode : 733142

Pin code of NAHIRKURI is 733142. This location belongs to pin code of Gurail post office situated in South Dinajpur district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : NAHIRKURI

Post Office : Gurail BO

Postal Code : 733142

Sub District : Tapan

District : South Dinajpur

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 733142

Location District State
Basuria South Dinajpur West Bengal
Bhikahar South Dinajpur West Bengal
Chaksukdebpur Malda West Bengal
Gurail South Dinajpur West Bengal
Joypur South Dinajpur West Bengal
Kardah South Dinajpur West Bengal
Kupadaha Malda West Bengal
Manohali South Dinajpur West Bengal
Nayabazar South Dinajpur South Dinajpur West Bengal

Nearby local areas of HIRANYABATI sharing pincode 733142

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BHAIOR, P.O. Bhikahar Tapan 733142
BHIKAHAR, P.O. Bhikahar Tapan 733142
HIRANYABATI, P.O. Joypur Gangarampur 733142
KASBA BATAIR, P.O. Basuria Tapan 733142
MAHASURA, P.O. Joypur Gangarampur 733142
MANDAPARA, P.O. Basuria Tapan 733142
CHANDRAIL, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
GOPAL NAGAR, P.O. Nayabazar South Dinajpur Tapan 733142
ILAMTAIR, P.O. Joypur Gangarampur 733142
KATABARI, P.O. Kardah Tapan 733142
SHALGAON, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
SUTAIL, P.O. Basuria Tapan 733142
BARAHARIPUR, P.O. Kardah Bansihari 733142
BERALI, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
BHADRAIL, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
DAKHALAIN, P.O. Nayabazar South Dinajpur Tapan 733142
LAKSHMINARYANPUR, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
MEHUR, P.O. Bhikahar Tapan 733142
NABABNAGAR, P.O. Kupadaha Tapan 733142
NAYABAZAR, P.O. Nayabazar South Dinajpur Gangarampur 733142
CHHATRAHATI, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
GULDANGA, P.O. Nayabazar South Dinajpur Tapan 733142
HAZRABARI, P.O. Bhikahar Tapan 733142
JADAB BATI, P.O. Joypur Gangarampur 733142
NAOGON, P.O. Kardah Tapan 733142
TELIAPARA, P.O. Chaksukdebpur Bamangola 733142
AICHANDA, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
ANTASHIMUL, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
CHAK BHAGIRATH, P.O. Kardah Tapan 733142
GHATIKA, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
KADOA JAGADISBATI, P.O. Basuria Tapan 733142
KHUTADAHA, P.O. Kupadaha Bamangola 733142
NAZIRPUR, P.O. Kardah Tapan 733142
ANATAIR, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
BURINAGAR, P.O. Joypur Gangarampur 733142
GOPINATHPUR, P.O. Manohali Tapan 733142
JORMAIL, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
KATRAIL, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
BASAKBARI, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
BASURIA, P.O. Basuria Tapan 733142
GHATUL, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
KARDAHA, P.O. Kardah Tapan 733142
KASBA MADHABPUR, P.O. Basuria Tapan 733142
MAHENDRI, P.O. Joypur Gangarampur 733142
MAHIPUR, P.O. Joypur Gangarampur 733142
MANAHALI, P.O. Manohali Tapan 733142
SAYRAPUR, P.O. Joypur Gangarampur 733142
BAZRAPUKUR, P.O. Nayabazar South Dinajpur Tapan 733142
DEGAON, P.O. Nayabazar South Dinajpur Tapan 733142
GARAIL, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142
LAKSHMIPUR, P.O. Chaksukdebpur Tapan 733142
NAHIRKURI, P.O. Gurail Tapan 733142

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