HASANPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 813205

Pin code of HASANPUR is 813205. This location belongs to pin code of Bishanpur post office situated in Bhagalpur district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : HASANPUR

Post Office : Bishanpur BO

Postal Code : 813205

Sub District : Dhuraiya

District : Bhagalpur

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 813205

Location District State
Baliskadma Bhagalpur Bihar
Batsar Bhagalpur Bihar
Bishanpur Bhagalpur Bihar
Dharia Banka Bihar
Ghogha Bhagalpur Bihar
Hasai Bhagalpur Bihar
Maheshpur Bhagalpur Bihar
Mahiama Bhagalpur Bihar
Mangachak Bhagalpur Bihar
Murhan Bhagalpur Bihar
Nadiama Bhagalpur Bihar
Pair Bhagalpur Bihar
Pothia Banka Bihar
Prasasthdih Bhagalpur Bihar
Rahmandih Bhagalpur Bihar
Sakrama Bhagalpur Bihar
Sanhoula Bhagalpur Bihar
Sathiari Bhagalpur Bihar
Tazar Bhagalpur Bihar

Nearby local areas of HASANPUR sharing pincode 813205

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BAJARDIH, P.O. Baliskadma Dhuraiya 813205
BHAGALPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
BIRBALPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
GOPALPUR, P.O. Ghogha Colgong 813205
HARIRAMPUR, P.O. Baliskadma Dhuraiya 813205
HASAI, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
JITADIH, P.O. Murhan Goradih 813205
KATAHARA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
MANGACHAK, P.O. Mangachak Sonhaula 813205
MILKI, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
MIRZAPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
PARIAK, P.O. Maheshpur Sonhaula 813205
RASULPUR, P.O. Mahiama Sonhaula 813205
SATHIARI, P.O. Sathiari Dhuraiya 813205
SONHAULA, P.O. Sanhoula Sonhaula 813205
BANSITIKAR, P.O. Bishanpur Sabour 813205
BASTIKIA, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
BHUNDI KHURD, P.O. Maheshpur Sonhaula 813205
DOSTANI, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
FAKIRA CHAK, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
FARIDAMPUR, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
GAUSICHAK, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
GOMAR CHAK, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
KASIL, P.O. Murhan Goradih 813205
MAJHAUNA ARAZI, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
MATHURAPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
NADIAWAN AMANAT, P.O. Nadiama Goradih 813205
NADIAWAN MILIK, P.O. Nadiama Goradih 813205
PANTHIA, P.O. Pothia Dhuraiya 813205
RAMPUR, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
SIJHAT, P.O. Baliskadma Dhuraiya 813205
SONAI CHAK, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
AJITKITA, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
ARSANDA, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
BARAHAMCHARI, P.O. Ghogha Colgong 813205
EKBALPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
FAZILPUR, P.O. Sakrama Sonhaula 813205
KATH BANGAON, P.O. Mangachak Dhuraiya 813205
MALCHHATTA ENGLIS, P.O. Prasasthdih Goradih 813205
MURGIA CHAK, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
NANDGOLA, P.O. Ghogha Dhuraiya 813205
PAIR, P.O. Pair Dhuraiya 813205
RAMASI, P.O. Sakrama Sonhaula 813205
SAGUNIA, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
SHAHPUR, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
SHANKARPUR KHAWAS, P.O. Ghogha Colgong 813205
SONHAULA, P.O. Dharia Sonhaula 813205
TAIADIH, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
TARAR, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
UDAIRAMPUR, P.O. Ghogha Colgong 813205
ASI, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
ATHPAHARA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
BALAN CHAK, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
BANGAON, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
DABAIA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
DAULATI, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
DOMA, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
GANGTI, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
GAURA, P.O. Pair Dhuraiya 813205
GAURI CHAK, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
HASANPUR, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
KASBA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
KHIRIDANR, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
LAUGAIN, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
MAHIAWAN, P.O. Mahiama Sonhaula 813205
MANGACHAK, P.O. Mangachak Colgong 813205
NIRPUR, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
PAIR, P.O. Ghogha Dhuraiya 813205
PARGHARI, P.O. Prasasthdih Dhuraiya 813205
RAMANDIH, P.O. Rahmandih Dhuraiya 813205
SAKRAWAN, P.O. Sakrama Sonhaula 813205
THAGRUA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
AGRA, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
ANKITA, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
BAIJNATHPUR, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
BALLAM CHAK, P.O. Baliskadma Dhuraiya 813205
BHAGWANDHA BUZURG, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
BHUSAR, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
BISHUNPUR, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
DILAWAR CHAK, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
KALIKAPUR, P.O. Nadiama Goradih 813205
KEUCHI, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
KHAIRA, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
KUARMAHAS, P.O. Rahmandih Dhuraiya 813205
LACHHMIPUR, P.O. Sakrama Sonhaula 813205
MABARAKPUR, P.O. Nadiama Goradih 813205
MADHURAPUR, P.O. Tazar Colgong 813205
MILKI, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
MOAZAM CHAK, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
MOGHLANI CHAK, P.O. Mangachak Amarpur 813205
MURHAN, P.O. Murhan Goradih 813205
NADIAWAN, P.O. Nadiama Goradih 813205
NAYATOLA, P.O. Nadiama Goradih 813205
PARASRAMPUR, P.O. Prasasthdih Sonhaula 813205
RABIDIH, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
RAGHUNIKITA, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
RANGAON, P.O. Sathiari Dhuraiya 813205
SADHOPUR, P.O. Tazar Colgong 813205
SAHNAULACHAK, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
SALAR CHAK, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
SARATH, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
TARAR, P.O. Tazar Sonhaula 813205
TURDIH, P.O. Prasasthdih Barahat 813205
BAJAR, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
BAKHARDA, P.O. Mangachak Dhuraiya 813205
BIHARPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
CHAKUNIA, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
DISARATH, P.O. Maheshpur Sonhaula 813205
DUDHSIMAR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
GHAZI CHAK, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
HIRAMMI, P.O. Rahmandih Dhuraiya 813205
JAIPUR, P.O. Rahmandih Dhuraiya 813205
JITAI, P.O. Baliskadma Dhuraiya 813205
KATHAUNI, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
KURMA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
MAHESHPUR, P.O. Maheshpur Sonhaula 813205
MAJHAUNA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
MOLNAKITA, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
NANAN, P.O. Pair Dhuraiya 813205
PARMANANDPUR KHAWAS, P.O. Ghogha Colgong 813205
PHULWARIA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
PIROJPUR, P.O. Sakrama Sonhaula 813205
RAHMANKITA, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
RAIPURA, P.O. Ghogha Pirpainti 813205
RAIPURA, P.O. Murhan Goradih 813205
RANGAON BUZURG, P.O. Rahmandih Dhuraiya 813205
SHEWAN CHAK, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
SONUDIH, P.O. Tazar Sonhaula 813205
ALALKITA, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
BARDIA CHAK, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
BARSAR, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
BISHUNPUR, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
BISWASPUR, P.O. Mahiama Sonhaula 813205
DEODAR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
DOBHI, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
FAZILPUR, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
JASMATPUR, P.O. Sathiari Dhuraiya 813205
KADMA, P.O. Rahmandih Dhuraiya 813205
KEDARPUR, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
KHAGRA, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
KOTRA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
LAUGAIN, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
MADHEPURA, P.O. Ghogha Colgong 813205
MADHOPUR BHORANG, P.O. Ghogha Colgong 813205
MUKTAPUR, P.O. Nadiama Goradih 813205
PACHUAKITA, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
RIFAETPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
SALPUR, P.O. Prasasthdih Goradih 813205
TAHIRPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
UCHI NANAN, P.O. Pair Dhuraiya 813205
BALIAS, P.O. Baliskadma Dhuraiya 813205
BHUWANCHAK, P.O. Sakrama Sonhaula 813205
DOSTANI ARAZI, P.O. Ghogha Goradih 813205
FAZILPUR, P.O. Murhan Goradih 813205
GHIHA, P.O. Prasasthdih Goradih 813205
JAMUNIDIH, P.O. Nadiama Goradih 813205
JOAKHAR, P.O. Sathiari Shahkund 813205
KALEANPUR, P.O. Ghogha Colgong 813205
LALSAIA, P.O. Batsar Dhuraiya 813205
MAHELA, P.O. Bishanpur Dhuraiya 813205
MAKANPUR, P.O. Ghogha Sonhaula 813205
MALCHHATTA, P.O. Prasasthdih Goradih 813205
MIRZACHAK, P.O. Prasasthdih Goradih 813205
MOHANPUR, P.O. Hasai Dhuraiya 813205
NANOKHAR, P.O. Maheshpur Sonhaula 813205

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