Pincode : 812006

Pin code of HARIDASPUR is 812006. This location belongs to pin code of Haridaspur post office situated in Bhagalpur district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : HARIDASPUR

Post Office : Haridaspur BO

Postal Code : 812006

Sub District : Nathnagar

District : Bhagalpur

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 812006

Location District State
Akbarnagar Bhagalpur Bihar
Bhatoria Bhagalpur Bihar
Chaknarayanpur Bhagalpur Bihar
Chandrabhanpur Bhagalpur Bihar
Chazabargaon Bhagalpur Bihar
Dariapur Bhagalpur Bihar
Gvbrain Bhagalpur Bihar
Haridaspur Bhagalpur Bihar
Harnathpur Bhagalpur Bihar
Khaira Bhagalpur Bihar
Kishandaspur Bhagalpur Bihar
Nathnagar Bhagalpur Bihar
Ratanganj Bhagalpur Bihar
Sajour Bhagalpur Bihar

Nearby local areas of HARIDASPUR sharing pincode 812006

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BAHABALPUR ARAZI, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
BELKHORIA, P.O. Dariapur Nathnagar 812006
BHULNI, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
BIHARIPUR, P.O. Bhatoria Nathnagar 812006
CHANDRA KHURD, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
GOBRAI ARAZI, P.O. Gvbrain Shahkund 812006
JAMALPUR, P.O. Khaira Shahkund 812006
JAMINKITA, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Nathnagar 812006
JHIKTIA, P.O. Kishandaspur Shahkund 812006
KISHUNPUR AMKHORIA, P.O. Nathnagar Shahkund 812006
RAHUTULLAH JAMADAR INGLISH, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Shahkund 812006
SAJAUR, P.O. Sajour Shahkund 812006
SHEKHPUR, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
UDEGARH, P.O. Sajour Shahkund 812006
CHANRA KHURD, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
CHHATAR SINGH HAWALDAR INGLISH, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Shahkund 812006
DIGHI, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
JAGARNATHPUR, P.O. Kishandaspur Shahkund 812006
MADHOPUR, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
RAGHOPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
RAGHOPUR ARAZI, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
RAJPUR, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Nathnagar 812006
BAIJNATHPUR, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
BERAICHAK IBRAHIMCHAK, P.O. Khaira Shahkund 812006
BISHUNPUR ARAZI, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
HARIDASPUR, P.O. Haridaspur Nathnagar 812006
JAGARNATHPUR, P.O. Kishandaspur Nathnagar 812006
JAINABCHAK, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
KALUPUR, P.O. Haridaspur Nathnagar 812006
MAHAMMADPUR ARAZI, P.O. Gvbrain Shahkund 812006
MANIARPUR CHAUR, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Nathnagar 812006
MOHIUDDINCHAK, P.O. Haridaspur Nathnagar 812006
MOHIUDDINPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
NARAENPUR, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
NIZAMKITA, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
RAGHOPUR KARAITA, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
RAJPUR CHAUR, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Shahkund 812006
RAMPURDIH, P.O. Dariapur Shahkund 812006
BAURGAON, P.O. Dariapur Shahkund 812006
GANGA PARSAD, P.O. Bhatoria Nathnagar 812006
IMADPUR, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
MATHURAPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
MUHAMMADPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
NATHNAGAR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
NURPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
SAIDPUR, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
SAROKH, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Shahkund 812006
BAHABALPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
BARGACHHIA, P.O. Gvbrain Shahkund 812006
BERAICHAK, P.O. Khaira Shahkund 812006
BORGAON, P.O. Chazabargaon Nathnagar 812006
CHANDPUR, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
CHANRDA KHURD, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
DARIAPUR ARAZI, P.O. Dariapur Shahkund 812006
HABIBCHAK, P.O. Haridaspur Nathnagar 812006
KANJHIA, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
KATHWAN, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
KHAIRA, P.O. Khaira Shahkund 812006
KISHUNDASPUR, P.O. Kishandaspur Colgong 812006
MADSUDANPUR, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
MAHAMMADPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
MAHESLITTI, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
NARAENPUR, P.O. Harnathpur Nathnagar 812006
NUR PUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
PACHKATHIA, P.O. Bhatoria Nathnagar 812006
SHAHNAGAR, P.O. Bhatoria Nathnagar 812006
SHAHPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Narayanpur 812006
AMWA, P.O. Ratanganj Shahkund 812006
BHATAURIA, P.O. Bhatoria Nathnagar 812006
CHANDARPUR ARAZI, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
CHANDRA URF BARGAON, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
DARIAPUR, P.O. Dariapur Shahkund 812006
DASPUR, P.O. Dariapur Shahkund 812006
HARNATHPUR, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
KARHARIA, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
MANULLAH HAWALDAR INGLISH, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Shahkund 812006
RAGHOPUR, P.O. Haridaspur Nathnagar 812006
SAROKH INGLISH, P.O. Chaknarayanpur Shahkund 812006
BHIMKITA, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
CHANDAR BHANPUR, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Shahkund 812006
DARADHI, P.O. Harnathpur Shahkund 812006
DAULATPUR, P.O. Dariapur Shahkund 812006
GOBARDHANPUR, P.O. Bhatoria Nathnagar 812006
GOBRAIN ARAZI, P.O. Gvbrain Shahkund 812006
GOLAHU, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Nathnagar 812006
GOSAINDASPUR, P.O. Haridaspur Nathnagar 812006
HAJIPUR, P.O. Ratanganj Shahkund 812006
KABIRPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
KARANPUR, P.O. Khaira Shahkund 812006
MALIKPUR, P.O. Chazabargaon Shahkund 812006
NARAENPUR, P.O. Chaknarayanpur Nathnagar 812006
NEAMATKHAN HAWALDAR INGLISH, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Shahkund 812006
PATAUNI, P.O. Khaira Shahkund 812006
RAMPUR KHURD, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
TETARIA, P.O. Chaknarayanpur Shahkund 812006
AZIZULLAHPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
BAGH CHAPPAR ARAZI, P.O. Gvbrain Shahkund 812006
CHANDPUR, P.O. Kishandaspur Nathnagar 812006
GOBRAIN, P.O. Gvbrain Shahkund 812006
IBRAHIMPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Shahkund 812006
IBRAHIMPUR, P.O. Sajour Shahkund 812006
KARAILA, P.O. Nathnagar Nathnagar 812006
MANIARPUR, P.O. Chandrabhanpur Nathnagar 812006
NATHNAGAR, P.O. Akbarnagar Nathnagar 812006
RAJANPUR, P.O. Khaira Shahkund 812006
SARAUNI ARAZI, P.O. Gvbrain Shahkund 812006
SHAHZADPUR, P.O. Nathnagar Narayanpur 812006

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