Pincode : 144624

Pin code of HAIBATPUR is 144624. This location belongs to pin code of Chakoki post office situated in Kapurthala district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : HAIBATPUR

Post Office : Chakoki BO

Postal Code : 144624

Sub District : Kapurthala

District : Kapurthala

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 144624

Location District State
Chakoki Kapurthala Punjab
Mirzapur Kapurthala Punjab
Nadala Kapurthala Punjab
Raipur Arryan Kapurthala Punjab
Talwara Kapurthala Punjab

Nearby local areas of HAIBATPUR sharing pincode 144624

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
DABULIAN, P.O. Talwara Bhulath 144624
DAUDPUR, P.O. Mirzapur Kapurthala 144624
MIRZAPUR, P.O. Mirzapur Shahkot 144624
RAIPUR ARAIAN, P.O. Raipur Arryan Nakodar 144624
TALWARA, P.O. Talwara Shahkot 144624
BHAKUWAL, P.O. Raipur Arryan Nakodar 144624
MODEL TOWN, P.O. Talwara Shahkot 144624
BILLPUR, P.O. Nadala Bhulath 144624
HAIBATPUR, P.O. Chakoki Kapurthala 144624
BULEWAL, P.O. Nadala Bhulath 144624
PASSIWAL, P.O. Nadala Bhulath 144624
RAIPUR RAJPUTAN, P.O. Nadala Bhulath 144624
TALWANDI PURDIL, P.O. Talwara Bhulath 144624
NADALA, P.O. Nadala Bhulath 144624
CHAKOKI, P.O. Chakoki Kapurthala 144624
HASSUWAL, P.O. Raipur Arryan Nakodar 144624
SAINTPUR, P.O. Nadala Bhulath 144624

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