Pincode : 535273

Pin code of TATTAPUDI is 535273. This location belongs to pin code of Pedaraba post office situated in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : TATTAPUDI

Post Office : Pedaraba BO

Postal Code : 535273

Sub District : Ananthagiri

District : Visakhapatnam

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 535273

Location District State
Andra Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
G T Peta Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Garugubilli Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
Gummakota Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Melia Kancheru Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Mentada Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Pedaraba Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
Pittada Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Rompalli Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Salipeta Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of GUDEM sharing pincode 535273

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
AGURU, P.O. G T Peta Mentada 535273
GARUGUBILLI, P.O. Garugubilli Ananthagiri 535273
GUMMAKOTA, P.O. Gummakota Mentada 535273
SALIPETA, P.O. Salipeta Gajapathinagaram 535273
SANKUPARTI, P.O. Gummakota Ananthagiri 535273
SOTTADIVALASA, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
CHINA RABHA, P.O. Pedaraba Ananthagiri 535273
CHIPPAPALLI, P.O. Gummakota Mentada 535273
DABBALAPADU, P.O. Garugubilli Ananthagiri 535273
NIKKALAVALASA, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
GOTTIPADU, P.O. Gummakota Ananthagiri 535273
GUJJALI, P.O. Gummakota Ananthagiri 535273
MENTADA, P.O. Mentada Mentada 535273
RAMPALLE, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
ROMPALLI BO, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
SINGAVARAM, P.O. Garugubilli Ananthagiri 535273
VOOTAGEDDA, P.O. Garugubilli Ananthagiri 535273
ANDRA, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
BHEEMAVARAM, P.O. Gummakota Ananthagiri 535273
BUTCHARAJUPETA, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
GADILALOVA, P.O. Pedaraba Ananthagiri 535273
GURLATAMMARAJU PETA, P.O. G T Peta Mentada 535273
KOTAPARTIVALASA, P.O. Pedaraba Ananthagiri 535273
LONDRAPETA, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
LOTHUGEDDA, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
PEDA RABHA, P.O. Pedaraba Ananthagiri 535273
BILLAKOTA, P.O. Gummakota Ananthagiri 535273
DABBALAPALEM, P.O. Pedaraba Ananthagiri 535273
KONDAVENKATAPURAM, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
SOLABONGU, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
BURUGA, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
MELIAKANCHERU, P.O. Melia Kancheru Mentada 535273
PANASAVALASA, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
RALLAGARUVU, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
VANKASOMIDI, P.O. Pittada Mentada 535273
GUDEM, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
LAXMIPURAM, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
R T PURAM, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
VONIJA, P.O. G T Peta Mentada 535273
BUTCHAMMAPETA, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
GURILOVA, P.O. Rompalli Ananthagiri 535273
GURRAMMA VALASA, P.O. G T Peta Mentada 535273
JAGANNADHAPURAM, P.O. Andra Mentada 535273
PITTADA, P.O. Pittada Mentada 535273
TATTAPUDI, P.O. Pedaraba Ananthagiri 535273

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