Pincode : 517422

Pin code of GOLLAPALLE is 517422. This location belongs to pin code of Gollapalle post office situated in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : GOLLAPALLE

Post Office : Gollapalle BO

Postal Code : 517422

Sub District : Yadamarri

District : Chittoor

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 517422

Location District
Bodaguttapalle Chittoor
Budithireddipalle Chittoor
Gollapalle Chittoor
Kammapalle Chittoor
Kandriga Chittoor
Kasiralla Chittoor
Keenatipalle Chittoor
Kotalam Chittoor
Madireddipalle Chittoor
Vepanapalle Chittoor
Yadamari Chittoor

Nearby local areas of GOLLAPALLE sharing pincode 517422

Area / Village Pin Code
KAMMAPALLE, P.O. Kammapalle 517422
KASIRALLA, P.O. Kasiralla 517422
PATHURU, P.O. Yadamari 517422
KOTTALAM, P.O. Kotalam 517422
MAJARA KOTHAPALLE, P.O. Budithireddipalle 517422
MUDDURAMAPURAM, P.O. Bodaguttapalle 517422
NADIMPALLE, P.O. Vepanapalle 517422
PATRAPALLE, P.O. Bodaguttapalle 517422
BUDITHIREDDIPALLE, P.O. Budithireddipalle 517422
KOTHAPENTA, P.O. Yadamari 517422
MADIREDDIPALLE, P.O. Madireddipalle 517422
MODIPALLE, P.O. Bodaguttapalle 517422
OTIRIPALLE, P.O. Vepanapalle 517422
OTIVARIPALLE, P.O. Vepanapalle 517422
13 GOLLAPALLE, P.O. Gollapalle 517422
BHOOMIREDDIPALLE, P.O. Kasiralla 517422
MADIREDDIPALLI, P.O. Madireddipalle 517422
YADAMARRI, P.O. Yadamari 517422
BODAGUTTAPALLE, P.O. Bodaguttapalle 517422
PERUMALLAPALLI, P.O. Yadamari 517422
SIDDAREDDIPALLE, P.O. Bodaguttapalle 517422
155 KAMMAPALLE, P.O. Kammapalle 517422
DASARAPALLE, P.O. Keenatipalle 517422
GOLLAPALLE, P.O. Gollapalle 517422
KURMAIPALLE, P.O. Budithireddipalle 517422
VARADARAJUPALLI, P.O. Yadamari 517422
VENUGOPALAPURAM, P.O. Yadamari 517422
KANDRIGA, P.O. Kandriga 517422
KOTALAM, P.O. Kotalam 517422
BUDIGIPENTA, P.O. Yadamari 517422

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