Pincode : 845104

Pin code of SEMARBARI is 845104. This location belongs to pin code of Kathar post office situated in West Champaran district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : SEMARBARI

Post Office : Kathar BO

Postal Code : 845104

Sub District : Bhitaha

District : West Champaran

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 845104

Location District State
Balua Thori Bazar West Champaran Bihar
Bhitaha West Champaran Bihar
Bhuidharwa West Champaran Bihar
Binahi West Champaran Bihar
Chilwania West Champaran Bihar
Daunaha West Champaran Bihar
Dhanaha West Champaran Bihar
Dhumnagar West Champaran Bihar
Dumari West Champaran Bihar
Kathar West Champaran Bihar
Khaira Tola West Champaran Bihar
Machhaha West Champaran Bihar
Madhubani West Champaran Bihar
Mura Dih West Champaran Bihar
Parsauna West Champaran Bihar
Piprasi West Champaran Bihar
Ranglalahi West Champaran Bihar
Sisai West Champaran Bihar
Taulaha West Champaran Bihar

Nearby local areas of GHORAHWA sharing pincode 845104

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BAJAR KERAIA, P.O. Khaira Tola Madhubani 845104
BHUIDHARWA, P.O. Bhuidharwa Bhitaha 845104
CHANDARPUR, P.O. Bhitaha Bhitaha 845104
CHILWANIA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
KATAHA, P.O. Khaira Tola Madhubani 845104
KHAIRA TOLA, P.O. Khaira Tola Bhitaha 845104
KHARKHUTA, P.O. Bhuidharwa Thakrahan 845104
MACHHAHA, P.O. Machhaha Bhitaha 845104
MATHIA, P.O. Mura Dih Madhubani 845104
MURADIH, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
PAKAHI, P.O. Khaira Tola Bhitaha 845104
PIPRASI, P.O. Piprasi Piprasi 845104
SOHGI BARWA, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
TAULAHA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
THAKRAHAN, P.O. Sisai Thakrahan 845104
BHITAHA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
DUMRI, P.O. Dumari Piprasi 845104
KATHAR, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
PARARI, P.O. Chilwania Madhubani 845104
PARSAUNA, P.O. Parsauna Bhitaha 845104
PIPRASI BAZAR, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
SISAI, P.O. Sisai Lauriya 845104
TAULAHA, P.O. Taulaha Thakrahan 845104
BHANDARWA KALAN, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
DHUMNAGAR, P.O. Dhumnagar Thakrahan 845104
GHAGHWA, P.O. Kathar Madhubani 845104
RAMNAGAR KURSAHA, P.O. Dhumnagar Thakrahan 845104
SIRINAGAR, P.O. Taulaha Thakrahan 845104
SISAI, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
URDABI, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
BALUA, P.O. Balua Thori Bazar Piprasi 845104
BHANDARWA MAJHAR, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
CHIRCHIRWA, P.O. Chilwania Thakrahan 845104
DHANAHA, P.O. Dhanaha Madhubani 845104
KOLUA, P.O. Mura Dih Madhubani 845104
MACHHAHA URF DUBAHA, P.O. Machhaha Bhitaha 845104
TAMA KUHA, P.O. Khaira Tola Madhubani 845104
THAKRAHA, P.O. Taulaha Thakrahan 845104
BHUIDHARWA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
KURIA, P.O. Ranglalahi Madhubani 845104
MACHHAHA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
NAINAHA, P.O. Dhanaha Madhubani 845104
PAREMAHI, P.O. Bhitaha Bhitaha 845104
BARARIHA, P.O. Parsauna Bhitaha 845104
BARHARA, P.O. Parsauna Bhitaha 845104
BHAGWANPUR, P.O. Taulaha Thakrahan 845104
CHILWANIA, P.O. Chilwania Madhubani 845104
CHURAHI, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
DAUNAHA, P.O. Daunaha Madhubani 845104
DAUNAHA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
DHUMNAGAR, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
DUMARI, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
KHAIRA TOLA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
MORADIH, P.O. Parsauna Bhitaha 845104
NARAHWA, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
PARSAUNA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
RAMPUR, P.O. Dhanaha Madhubani 845104
TAULAHA, P.O. Kathar Madhubani 845104
TOLA MUSAKHAR, P.O. Mura Dih Madhubani 845104
BALDIHA, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
BARWA, P.O. Kathar Madhubani 845104
BHITAHA, P.O. Bhitaha Bhitaha 845104
BINAHI, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
DHANAHA, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
GHORAHWA, P.O. Mura Dih Madhubani 845104
JHAKHWANHI, P.O. Daunaha Bhitaha 845104
RANGLALAHI, P.O. Ranglalahi Madhubani 845104
SISAI LATHIHAWA, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
BALUA THORI BAZAR, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
BINAHI, P.O. Binahi Bagaha 845104
KATAHA, P.O. Kathar Madhubani 845104
MADHUBANI, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
MAHUAWA, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
MUSAHRI, P.O. Dhanaha Madhubani 845104
RANGLALAHI, P.O. Madhubani Thakrahan 845104
REWAHIA, P.O. Sisai Madhubani 845104
SEMARBARI, P.O. Kathar Bhitaha 845104

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