GHANPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 509380

Pin code of GHANPUR is 509380. This location belongs to pin code of Ghanpur post office situated in Mahbubnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : GHANPUR

Post Office : Ghanpur BO

Postal Code : 509380

Sub District : Ghanpur

District : Mahbubnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 509380

Location District State
Ghanpur Mahbubnagar Telangana
Kamaluddinpur Mahbubnagar Telangana
Laxmipally Mahbubnagar Telangana
Mamidimada Mahbubnagar Telangana
Manajipet Mahbubnagar Telangana
Musapet Mahbubnagar Telangana
Parvathapuram Mahbubnagar Telangana
Solipur Mahbubnagar Telangana
Veeraipally Mahbubnagar Telangana
Vemula Mahbubnagar Telangana

Nearby local areas of GHANPUR sharing pincode 509380

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
CHINNAMANDADI, P.O. Veeraipally Peddamandadi 509380
KAMALUDDINPUR, P.O. Kamaluddinpur Ghanpur 509380
MAMIDIMADA, P.O. Mamidimada Ghanpur 509380
MANAJIPET, P.O. Manajipet Ghanpur 509380
MOHAMMED HUSSAINPALLE, P.O. Musapet Ghanpur 509380
SANKALMADDI, P.O. Musapet Addakal 509380
SHAPUR, P.O. Manajipet Ghanpur 509380
APPAREDDIPALLE, P.O. Parvathapuram Ghanpur 509380
CHENNANPALLY, P.O. Vemula Addakal 509380
MALKIMIANPALLE, P.O. Ghanpur Ghanpur 509380
VENKATAMPALLE, P.O. Ghanpur Ghanpur 509380
ANTHAIPALLE, P.O. Kamaluddinpur Ghanpur 509380
LAXMIPALLE, P.O. Laxmipally Devarkadra 509380
AGARAM, P.O. Kamaluddinpur Ghanpur 509380
PARWATHAPUR, P.O. Parvathapuram Ghanpur 509380
SOLIPUR, P.O. Solipur Ghanpur 509380
GARKASA D, P.O. Ghanpur Ghanpur 509380
SHAKRAPUR, P.O. Laxmipally Devarkadra 509380
NIZALAPUR, P.O. Musapet Addakal 509380
VEERAIPALLE, P.O. Veeraipally Peddamandadi 509380
VEMULA, P.O. Vemula Addakal 509380
ALMAIPALLE, P.O. Ghanpur Ghanpur 509380
DASARIPALLE, P.O. Vemula Addakal 509380
KOTTAPALLY, P.O. Kamaluddinpur Ghanpur 509380
ANPAHAD D, P.O. Ghanpur Ghanpur 509380
GHANPUR, P.O. Ghanpur Ghanpur 509380
MALKAPUR, P.O. Manajipet Ghanpur 509380
MOHAMMAD HUSSAINPALLY, P.O. Musapet Addakal 509380
SALKALAPUR, P.O. Mamidimada Ghanpur 509380
SANKALAMADDI, P.O. Musapet Addakal 509380
SURAIPALLY, P.O. Solipur Ghanpur 509380
THUNKINIPUR, P.O. Vemula Addakal 509380
UPPARAPALLE, P.O. Solipur Ghanpur 509380

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