GAZIPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 713502

Pin code of GAZIPUR is 713502. This location belongs to pin code of Agradwi R S post office situated in Bardhaman district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : GAZIPUR

Post Office : Agradwi R S BO

Postal Code : 713502

Sub District : Katwa - II

District : Bardhaman

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 713502

Location District
Agradwi R S Bardhaman
Ankra Bardhaman
Ballavpara Bardhaman
Bera Bardhaman
Bhagyabantapur Bardhaman
Chanduli Bardhaman
Dainhat Bardhaman
Deasin Bardhaman
Islampur Bardhaman
Kalikapur Bardhaman
Karajgram Bardhaman
Masthuli Bardhaman

Nearby local areas of GAZIPUR sharing pincode 713502

Area / Village Pin Code
BALLAVPARA, P.O. Ballavpara 713502
BENGA, P.O. Ankra 713502
CHANDRAPUR, P.O. Dainhat 713502
CHHOTA KULGACHHI, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
KANTHALBARIA, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
MUSTHULI, P.O. Masthuli 713502
AKHRA, P.O. Ankra 713502
BAGHTIKARI P, P.O. Dainhat 713502
BASANTPUR, P.O. Ballavpara 713502
BERA P, P.O. Bera 713502
BIKIHAT P, P.O. Bera 713502
BIKUI HAT, P.O. Ankra 713502
GAZIPUR, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
KABIRAJPUR, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
KALIKAPUR, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
KUMRI, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
MULGRAM, P.O. Chanduli 713502
NALAHATI, P.O. Dainhat 713502
RAMDASPUR, P.O. Chanduli 713502
AMDANGA, P.O. Masthuli 713502
BARA KULGACHHI, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
BIRBEGUN, P.O. Islampur 713502
CHOTO KULGACHA, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
GANGANANDAPUR, P.O. Dainhat 713502
GHORANAS, P.O. Masthuli 713502
ISLAMPUR, P.O. Islampur 713502
KADAMTALA, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
KANAINAGAR, P.O. Ballavpara 713502
NANDIGRAM, P.O. Chanduli 713502
PATAIHAT P, P.O. Bera 713502
RAGHUNATHPUR, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
SUAGACHHI, P.O. Deasin 713502
AGRADWIP, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
BELEGHATA, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
BERA P, P.O. Dainhat 713502
BHAGYABANTAPUR, P.O. Bhagyabantapur 713502
CHARPATHAI HAT, P.O. Ankra 713502
EKAIHAT, P.O. Dainhat 713502
EKDALIA, P.O. Masthuli 713502
KHASPUR, P.O. Chanduli 713502
KRISHNABATI, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
NAODO PARA, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
PANCHBERIA, P.O. Masthuli 713502
PATLAGACHA, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
SAHAPUR, P.O. Islampur 713502
TANTPARA, P.O. Dainhat 713502
BISHNUPUR, P.O. Ankra 713502
CHAK BAHARA, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
CHANDULI, P.O. Chanduli 713502
CHAR BISHNUPUR, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
CHAR PATAIHAT P, P.O. Dainhat 713502
NETHI PARA, P.O. Ankra 713502
SAHAPUR, P.O. Islampur 713502
SRIRAMPUR, P.O. Karajgram 713502
ASUNAGAR, P.O. Ankra 713502
BALLAVPARA, P.O. Ballavpara 713502
KARAJGRAM, P.O. Dainhat 713502
KHASPUR, P.O. Deasin 713502
KSHETPUR PALASHI, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
NUTANGRAM, P.O. Islampur 713502
PALASHI, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
PARASURAMPUR, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
SHYAMBATI, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
BAIKUNTHAPUR, P.O. Chanduli 713502
DAINHAT, P.O. Dainhat 713502
DEASIN, P.O. Deasin 713502
GOPKHANJI, P.O. Dainhat 713502
JAMUNA PATAI, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
KHEDAPARA, P.O. Chanduli 713502
MUSTHULI CHAK, P.O. Masthuli 713502
NASIPUR P, P.O. Bhagyabantapur 713502
NAWAPARA, P.O. Ankra 713502
NAYACHAR, P.O. Ballavpara 713502
RAMDASPUR, P.O. Deasin 713502
BARAKHANJI, P.O. Ankra 713502
BINANAGAR, P.O. Kalikapur 713502
CHAR BK HAT, P.O. Ankra 713502
CHIKIRKUTHI, P.O. Islampur 713502
GARAGACHHI, P.O. Agradwi R S 713502
GORAGACHA, P.O. Deasin 713502
HOGLA, P.O. Islampur 713502
KARAJGRAM, P.O. Karajgram 713502
KATWA II, P.O. Dainhat 713502
KHARASHGRAM, P.O. Dainhat 713502
MAKHALTOR, P.O. Kalikapur 713502

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