UBHA Postal Code

Pincode : 148030

Pin code of UBHA is 148030. This location belongs to pin code of Lad Banjara post office situated in Sangrur district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : UBHA

Post Office : Lad Banjara BO

Postal Code : 148030

Sub District : Sunam

District : Sangrur

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 148030

Location District State
Bhai Ke Pishore Sangrur Punjab
Chhajli Sangrur Punjab
Ganduan Sangrur Punjab
Gobindgarh Khokhar Sangrur Punjab
Kauhrian Sangrur Punjab
Lad Banjara Sangrur Punjab
Mojowal Sangrur Punjab
Nangla Sangrur Punjab
Ugrahan Sangrur Punjab

Nearby local areas of GANDWAN sharing pincode 148030

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
LADBANJARA KALAN, P.O. Lad Banjara Sunam 148030
NANGLA, P.O. Nangla Sunam 148030
ROREWALA, P.O. Kauhrian Sunam 148030
SANGATIWALA, P.O. Bhai Ke Pishore Sunam 148030
GOBINDGARH JEJIAN, P.O. Chhajli Sunam 148030
KAKUWALA, P.O. Lad Banjara Sunam 148030
UGRAHAN, P.O. Ugrahan Sunam 148030
CHHAJLA, P.O. Mojowal Sunam 148030
GOBINDGARH KALAN, P.O. Gobindgarh Khokhar Sunam 148030
BHAINI GANDHWAN, P.O. Mojowal Sunam 148030
BISHANPURA NAUABAD ALIAS KOKHAR, P.O. Gobindgarh Khokhar Moonak 148030
GANDWAN, P.O. Ganduan Sunam 148030
KHOKHAR, P.O. Gobindgarh Khokhar Sunam 148030
PISHORE BHAIKE, P.O. Bhai Ke Pishore Moonak 148030
CHHAJLI, P.O. Chhajli Sunam 148030
GOBINDGARH KHURD, P.O. Gobindgarh Khokhar Sunam 148030
LADBANJARA KHURD, P.O. Lad Banjara Sunam 148030
DOLA SINGHWALA, P.O. Ugrahan Sunam 148030
KAUHRIAN, P.O. Kauhrian Sunam 148030
MAIDEBAS, P.O. Mojowal Sunam 148030
MOJOWAL, P.O. Mojowal Sunam 148030
UBHA, P.O. Lad Banjara Sunam 148030

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