GANAULI Postal Code

Pincode : 802131

Pin code of GANAULI is 802131. This location belongs to pin code of Gangauli post office situated in Buxar district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : GANAULI

Post Office : Gangauli BO

Postal Code : 802131

Sub District : Buxar

District : Buxar

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 802131

Location District State
Ekauna Dubauli Buxar Bihar
Gangauli Buxar Bihar
Niazipur Buxar Bihar
Rajpur Buxar Bihar
Sahiyar Buxar Bihar
Sheopur Diar Buxar Bihar

Nearby local areas of GANAULI sharing pincode 802131

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
DHANAIPUR, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
DUBHA TAUFIR, P.O. Gangauli Simri 802131
GHARAIPUR, P.O. Gangauli Buxar 802131
MAKURIYA, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
RAJPUR, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
SIRKHIRI, P.O. Ekauna Dubauli Simri 802131
BHALUHA, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
GYANI CHAK, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
NANIAURA, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
NEYAZIPUR, P.O. Sahiyar Simri 802131
TIWARI GANGAULI, P.O. Gangauli Simri 802131
GANAULI, P.O. Gangauli Simri 802131
GANGAULI, P.O. Ekauna Dubauli Simri 802131
NEYAZIPUR, P.O. Ekauna Dubauli Simri 802131
NEYAZIPUR, P.O. Niazipur Simri 802131
NEYAZIPUR, P.O. Sheopur Diar Simri 802131
TRILOCHANPUR, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
DULLAHPUR, P.O. Sahiyar Simri 802131
PARTAPPUR, P.O. Niazipur Simri 802131
EKDAR, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
GANAULI, P.O. Gangauli Buxar 802131
RUPAPOKHAR, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
SAHIYAR, P.O. Sahiyar Simri 802131
SUNDARPUR, P.O. Sahiyar Simri 802131
UTTAMPUR, P.O. Rajpur Rajpur 802131
BHIRGU ASHRAM, P.O. Niazipur Simri 802131
DUBHA, P.O. Gangauli Simri 802131
JALALPUR, P.O. Ekauna Dubauli Simri 802131
KANSPATTI, P.O. Sahiyar Simri 802131
NARAYANPUR, P.O. Sahiyar Simri 802131
EKAUNA, P.O. Ekauna Dubauli Simri 802131
NEWAZIPUR, P.O. Gangauli Nawanagar 802131
NEYAZIPUR, P.O. Rajpur Simri 802131
SAHIYAR BHAGAR, P.O. Sahiyar Simri 802131
SORBATARA, P.O. Sahiyar Simri 802131

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