SUNGAL Postal Code

Pincode : 185203

Pin code of SUNGAL is 185203. This location belongs to pin code of Poni post office situated in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Village / Locality Name : SUNGAL

Post Office : Poni SO

Postal Code : 185203

Sub District : Reasi

District : Udhampur

State : Jammu and Kashmir

List of post office belong to postal code 185203

Location District State
Allya Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Barnara Rajauri Jammu and Kashmir
Bharakh Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Bimblya Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Dadoa Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Devak Rajauri Jammu and Kashmir
Dhanwan Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Gelhan Rajauri Jammu and Kashmir
Hathal Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Khairlarh Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Kund Kantari Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Poni Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Porakotla Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Ransoo Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Sarhoti Rajauri Jammu and Kashmir
Taryath Rajauri Jammu and Kashmir

Nearby local areas of GAJOOR sharing pincode 185203

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BHARAKH, P.O. Bharakh Reasi 185203
CHANGI KANGRIAL, P.O. Sarhoti Sunderbani 185203
NAUTI, P.O. Barnara Sunderbani 185203
POORAB JAGIR, P.O. Porakotla Reasi 185203
REYALA JAGIR, P.O. Dadoa Reasi 185203
SUJAN PUR, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
DADOOA, P.O. Dadoa Reasi 185203
DEVAK, P.O. Devak Sunderbani 185203
GUDAR KHALSA, P.O. Dadoa Reasi 185203
JARDHI, P.O. Kund Kantari Reasi 185203
KOTLA, P.O. Porakotla Reasi 185203
MAJRA KUND, P.O. Kund Kantari Reasi 185203
MANGAHI JAGIR, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
RANSOO, P.O. Ransoo Reasi 185203
SADHERI JAGIR, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
BHAGATE JAGIR, P.O. Allya Reasi 185203
DHALYOOT DEHOTE, P.O. Porakotla Reasi 185203
GARAN KHALSA, P.O. Dadoa Reasi 185203
HATHAL, P.O. Sarhoti Sunderbani 185203
POUNI, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
SADHEEN, P.O. Khairlarh Reasi 185203
SNARHIAN, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
BAMLIA, P.O. Bimblya Reasi 185203
BASANT PUR, P.O. Taryath Sunderbani 185203
DAGALAH KHURD, P.O. Dadoa Reasi 185203
GAJOOR, P.O. Bharakh Reasi 185203
KHANYARHI, P.O. Kund Kantari Reasi 185203
PURIA, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
SALONA SALONE, P.O. Dhanwan Reasi 185203
SEHIA, P.O. Poni Sunderbani 185203
TRANTH, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
ALYAH, P.O. Allya Reasi 185203
DAB JAGIR, P.O. Dadoa Reasi 185203
HATHAL, P.O. Hathal Nowshehra 185203
KUND KANAHRHI, P.O. Kund Kantari Reasi 185203
PANDHAL, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
BAYOOLIAN, P.O. Khairlarh Reasi 185203
DAB KHALSA, P.O. Dadoa Reasi 185203
DHANWAN, P.O. Dhanwan Reasi 185203
MAJRA NEHOTI, P.O. Gelhan Kalakote 185203
SADHOTE, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203
SANGAR, P.O. Ransoo Reasi 185203
THID, P.O. Allya Reasi 185203
BHAMBLA, P.O. Bimblya Reasi 185203
SAROON, P.O. Dhanwan Reasi 185203
GARAN JAGIR, P.O. Dadoa Reasi 185203
KALIDUBI, P.O. Hathal Nowshehra 185203
KHARAH, P.O. Kund Kantari Reasi 185203
KHERA LEHAR, P.O. Khairlarh Reasi 185203
SUNGAL, P.O. Poni Reasi 185203

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