Pincode : 456776

Pin code of GAJNIKHEDI is 456776. This location belongs to pin code of Runija post office situated in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : GAJNIKHEDI

Post Office : Runija SO

Postal Code : 456776

Sub District : Badnagar

District : Ujjain

State : Madhya Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 456776

Location District
Aajdawada Ujjain
Badagaon Ujjain
Baloda Lakkha Ujjain
Khedavada Ujjain
Runija Ujjain
Sundarabad Ujjain

Nearby local areas of GAJNIKHEDI sharing pincode 456776

Area / Village Pin Code
BERCHHA, P.O. Badagaon 456776
AJDAWADA, P.O. Badagaon 456776
BIRGODARANDHIR, P.O. Runija 456776
GEEDGARH, P.O. Baloda Lakkha 456776
GUDHA, P.O. Baloda Lakkha 456776
MALWADIA, P.O. Badagaon 456776
SUNDRABAD, P.O. Sundarabad 456776
AJDAWADA, P.O. Runija 456776
KUNGARA, P.O. Badagaon 456776
BALODALAKHA, P.O. Baloda Lakkha 456776
BHER PACHLANA, P.O. Aajdawada 456776
DHIKAWA, P.O. Badagaon 456776
PITLAWADIYA, P.O. Sundarabad 456776
RAWADIYAPEER, P.O. Aajdawada 456776
SANDAL, P.O. Badagaon 456776
SINOD, P.O. Badagaon 456776
BALODAKORAN, P.O. Khedavada 456776
GAJNIKHEDI, P.O. Runija 456776
KAMANPUR, P.O. Aajdawada 456776
MALGAONDI, P.O. Khedavada 456776
RUNIJA, P.O. Runija 456776
TINGAJPUR, P.O. Khedavada 456776
AJDAWADA, P.O. Khedavada 456776
JALOD SANJAR, P.O. Baloda Lakkha 456776
JASSAKHEDI, P.O. Sundarabad 456776
MADHOPURA, P.O. Runija 456776
RANAWADA, P.O. Baloda Lakkha 456776
AJDAWADA, P.O. Aajdawada 456776
JHAR KOTADI, P.O. Badagaon 456776
LOTIA, P.O. Badagaon 456776
MINDKA, P.O. Aajdawada 456776

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