Pincode : 202132

Pin code of GAIYANPUR is 202132. This location belongs to pin code of Bharpur post office situated in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : GAIYANPUR

Post Office : Bharpur BO

Postal Code : 202132

Sub District : Gabhana **

District : Aligarh

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 202132

Location District
Amritpur Aligarh
Bhagatpur Aligarh
Bharpur Aligarh
Chandaus Aligarh
Kaseru Aligarh
Nagla Padam Aligarh
Ogipur Aligarh
Sudeshpur Aligarh

Nearby local areas of GAIYANPUR sharing pincode 202132

Area / Village Pin Code
NAGLA BADAM, P.O. Nagla Padam 202132
NAGLA PADAM, P.O. Nagla Padam 202132
ANJANA, P.O. Chandaus 202132
AOGIPUR, P.O. Ogipur 202132
BHOGPUR, P.O. Bhagatpur 202132
CHANDAUS, P.O. Chandaus 202132
JAHRANA, P.O. Bhagatpur 202132
JAHRANA, P.O. Sudeshpur 202132
KINHUA, P.O. Bhagatpur 202132
SURAJPUR, P.O. Chandaus 202132
AMRITPUR BAKHATPUR, P.O. Amritpur 202132
DILAVARPUR, P.O. Kaseru 202132
GAIYANPUR, P.O. Bharpur 202132
KASERU, P.O. Kaseru 202132
NAGLA OUD, P.O. Sudeshpur 202132
RAMNAGAR, P.O. Nagla Padam 202132
SINGHPUR, P.O. Ogipur 202132
BHAGWANPUR, P.O. Amritpur 202132
BHOJPUR, P.O. Bharpur 202132
TAJPUR, P.O. Bhagatpur 202132
BADHIYANA, P.O. Sudeshpur 202132
CHIVANPUR, P.O. Ogipur 202132
JALAKASERU, P.O. Kaseru 202132
NAGLA BANZARA, P.O. Sudeshpur 202132
NAGLA JAIT, P.O. Nagla Padam 202132
NAGLA NAI, P.O. Sudeshpur 202132
SURAJPUR, P.O. Bharpur 202132
BHAGATPUR, P.O. Bhagatpur 202132
ELAMPURA, P.O. Chandaus 202132
GANGAI, P.O. Nagla Padam 202132
JALAKHA, P.O. Chandaus 202132
MILIK, P.O. Bharpur 202132
NAGLA SOBHA, P.O. Nagla Padam 202132
BAHARPUR, P.O. Bharpur 202132
RAMNAGAR, P.O. Ogipur 202132
SUDESHPUR, P.O. Sudeshpur 202132
TEEKARI, P.O. Kaseru 202132
GANDHI NAGER BANJARA, P.O. Sudeshpur 202132
JOHRA, P.O. Sudeshpur 202132
NAGLA BANZARA, P.O. Amritpur 202132

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