Pincode : 506103

Pin code of GADITHANDA is 506103. This location belongs to pin code of Kollapur post office situated in Mahabubabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : GADITHANDA

Post Office : Kollapur BO

Postal Code : 506103

Sub District : Mahabubabad

District : Mahabubabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 506103

Location District State
Jamandlapalli Mahabubabad Telangana
Apparajpalli Mahabubabad Telangana
Boddugonda Mahabubabad Telangana
Kollapur Mahabubabad Telangana
Kothareddial Mahabubabad Telangana
Matwada Mahabubabad Telangana
Nadiwada Mahabubabad Telangana
Reddial Mahabubabad Telangana
Kambalapalli Mahabubabad Telangana

Nearby local areas of GADITHANDA sharing pincode 506103

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
APPARAJPALLE, P.O. Apparajpalli Gudur 506103
GOLLA GUDEM, P.O. Kothareddial Mahabubabad 506103
JANARDHANA PURAM, P.O. Jamandlapalli Mahabubabad 506103
MUTYALA MADUGU, P.O. Jamandlapalli Mahabubabad 506103
GADDI GUDA, P.O. Nadiwada Mahabubabad 506103
JANGANNA THANDA, P.O. Apparajpalli Gudur 506103
KONGARAGIDDA, P.O. Matwada Gudur 506103
KOTHA REDDIAL, P.O. Kothareddial Mahabubabad 506103
MATWADA, P.O. Matwada Gudur 506103
NADIWADA, P.O. Nadiwada Mahabubabad 506103
OOTLA, P.O. Matwada Gudur 506103
GOVINDAPUR, P.O. Apparajpalli Kothagudem 506103
KOLLAPURAM, P.O. Kollapur Mahabubabad 506103
REDDIAL, P.O. Reddial Mahabubabad 506103
VENKA REDDI PALEM, P.O. Reddial Mahabubabad 506103
GADITHANDA, P.O. Kollapur Mahabubabad 506103
MUTHURAJ GUDEM, P.O. Boddugonda Gudur 506103
TEKULA GUDEM, P.O. Reddial Mahabubabad 506103
DALUNABAD, P.O. Reddial Mahabubabad 506103
JANGU THANDA, P.O. Apparajpalli Gudur 506103
NEELAVANCHA, P.O. Matwada Gudur 506103
YERRAKUNTA THANDA, P.O. Boddugonda Gudur 506103
BODDUGONDA, P.O. Boddugonda Gudur 506103
VELIGONDLA PADU, P.O. Reddial Mahabubabad 506103
BULALA GADDA, P.O. Kothareddial Mahabubabad 506103
GOLLA GUDEM, P.O. Jamandlapalli Mahabubabad 506103
IPPAKKA THANDA, P.O. Kollapur Mahabubabad 506103
JAMANDLAPALLE, P.O. Jamandlapalli Mahabubabad 506103
R S PETA, P.O. Nadiwada Mahabubabad 506103

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