Pincode : 508373

Pin code of FAKEERPOOR is 508373. This location belongs to pin code of Medlavai post office situated in Nalgonda district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : FAKEERPOOR

Post Office : Medlavai BO

Postal Code : 508373

Sub District : Devarakonda

District : Nalgonda

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 508373

Location District State
Gatlamallepally Nalgonda Telangana
Medlavai Nalgonda Telangana
Nampalli Nalgonda Telangana
Pasnoor Nalgonda Telangana
Peddapuram Nalgonda Telangana
Teppelaneni Gouraram Nalgonda Telangana
Vaddepally Nalgonda Telangana
Venkampeta Nalgonda Telangana

Nearby local areas of FAKEERPOOR sharing pincode 508373

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
KOKKIRAYALA GOWRARAM, P.O. Venkampeta Chintha Palle 508373
NELVALAPALLE, P.O. Pasnoor Chintha Palle 508373
NERALLAPALLE, P.O. Pasnoor Nampalle 508373
KETHPALLE P PASNOOR, P.O. Medlavai Nampalle 508373
PEDDAPUR, P.O. Peddapuram Nampalle 508373
HYDELAPUR, P.O. Teppelaneni Gouraram Nampalle 508373
MALLAPARAJPALLE, P.O. Teppelaneni Gouraram Nampalle 508373
THUMMALA PALLE, P.O. Gatlamallepally Nampalle 508373
CHITTAM PAHAD, P.O. Nampalli Nampalle 508373
KUNDELLATIRUMALAGIRI, P.O. Nampalli Nampalle 508373
MEDLAVAI, P.O. Medlavai Nampalle 508373
NAMPALLE, P.O. Nampalli Nampalle 508373
PAGIDI PALLE, P.O. Pasnoor Nampalle 508373
VADDE PALLE, P.O. Vaddepally Nampalle 508373
GHATLAMALLAPALLE, P.O. Gatlamallepally Nampalle 508373
HYDLAPUR, P.O. Teppelaneni Gouraram Kangal 508373
PASNOOR, P.O. Pasnoor Nampalle 508373
TUNGAPATHI GOURARAM, P.O. Teppelaneni Gouraram Nampalle 508373
FAKIRPUR, P.O. Medlavai Nampalle 508373
MOHAMADAPUR, P.O. Gatlamallepally Nampalle 508373
SWAMULAVARI LINGOTAM, P.O. Vaddepally Nampalle 508373
TIRUMALAGIRI, P.O. Nampalli Nampalle 508373
FAKEERPOOR, P.O. Medlavai Devarakonda 508373
TEEDED, P.O. Venkampeta Chintha Palle 508373

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