Pincode : 516391

Pin code of TURUKAYAPALLE is 516391. This location belongs to pin code of Erraballe post office situated in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : TURUKAYAPALLE

Post Office : Erraballe BO

Postal Code : 516391

Sub District : Pulivendla

District : Cuddapah

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 516391

Location District State
Ambakapalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Bokkudupalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Brahmanapalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Chinnarangapuram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Chintalajutur Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Erraballe Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Erripalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Gollalagudur Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Gotur Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Ippatla Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Murarichintala Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Nallapureddypalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Peddajutur Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Peddarangapuram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Pulivendla Bus Stand Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Pulivendlakutcherry Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
R Thummalapalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Ulimella Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Venkatapuram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of DIGUVAPALLE sharing pincode 516391

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BESTAVARIPALLE, P.O. Bokkudupalle Pulivendla 516391
CHINNARANGAPURAM, P.O. Chinnarangapuram Pulivendla 516391
NALLAGONDAVARIPALLE, P.O. Nallapureddypalle Pulivendla 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Nallapureddypalle Pulivendla 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. R Thummalapalle Pulivendla 516391
BRAHMANAPALLE, P.O. Brahmanapalle Pulivendla 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Venkatapuram Pulivendla 516391
PUTRAYUNIPETA, P.O. Erripalle Pulivendla 516391
YERRAGUDIPALLE, P.O. Venkatapuram Pulivendla 516391
CHINTALAJUTUR, P.O. Chintalajutur Vemula 516391
HEROJIPURAM, P.O. Ippatla Lingala 516391
K VELAMAVANIPALLE, P.O. Venkatapuram Pulivendla 516391
KUPPUGUNTAPALLE, P.O. Peddajutur Vemula 516391
MOTUNUTUNAPALLE, P.O. Erraballe Pulivendla 516391
POLEPALLE, P.O. Bokkudupalle Pulivendla 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Peddajutur Vemula 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Pulivendlakutcherry Pulivendla 516391
ULIMELLA, P.O. Ulimella Pulivendla 516391
B SUGALITANDA, P.O. Erraballe Pulivendla 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Gollalagudur Vemula 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Murarichintala Lingala 516391
AMBAKAPALLE, P.O. Ambakapalle Lingala 516391
BOKKUDUPALLE, P.O. Bokkudupalle Pulivendla 516391
ERRABALLE, P.O. Erraballe Pulivendla 516391
KOTHAPALLE, P.O. Erraballe Pulivendla 516391
GOTUR, P.O. Gotur Thondur 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Erripalle Pulivendla 516391
RACHUMARRIPALLE, P.O. R Thummalapalle Pulivendla 516391
YEDDULAYENE, P.O. Bokkudupalle Pulivendla 516391
DIGUVAPALLE, P.O. Murarichintala Lingala 516391
MALLIKARJUNAPURAM, P.O. Erraballe Pulivendla 516391
PEDDARANGAPURAM, P.O. Peddarangapuram Pulivendla 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Pulivendla Bus stand Pulivendla 516391
RAGIMANUPALLE, P.O. R Thummalapalle Pulivendla 516391
CHANDRAGIRI, P.O. Erraballe Pulivendla 516391
PULIVENDLA, P.O. Ippatla Lingala 516391
RAYALAPURAM, P.O. R Thummalapalle Pulivendla 516391
SIDDAMREDDIPALLE, P.O. Peddajutur Vemula 516391
TURUKAYAPALLE, P.O. Erraballe Pulivendla 516391

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