Pincode : 143534

Pin code of DATIAL CHHOURIAN is 143534. This location belongs to pin code of Kathlaur post office situated in Pathankot district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : DATIAL CHHOURIAN

Post Office : Kathlaur BO

Postal Code : 143534

Sub District : Pathankot

District : Pathankot

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 143534

Location District
Baknaur Gurdaspur
Kathlaur Gurdaspur
Lahri Gujran Gurdaspur
Parmanand Gurdaspur
Rattangarh Gurdaspur
Sahaura Khurd Gurdaspur
Saidipur Gurdaspur
Taragarh Gurdaspur Pathankot

Nearby local areas of DATIAL CHHOURIAN sharing pincode 143534

Area / Village Pin Code
BAGIGAR DERA, P.O. Kathlaur 143534
BHRIAL, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
KANWAN, P.O. Parmanand 143534
KOTHE JATTAN, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
MAHI UL DINPUR, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
MALKANA, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
SOHAURA KHURD, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
ALIKHAN WADA, P.O. Saidipur 143534
CHHANI, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
DATIAL CHHOURIAN, P.O. Kathlaur 143534
JANI CHAK, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
LAHRI SARMON, P.O. Parmanand 143534
LAHRI GUJRAN, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
MAN MANGAL, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
MIANI, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
NANGAL, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
NANGAL FARIDA, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
NANGAL FARIDA KOTHE, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
PAKHO CHAK, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
PATHANKOT, P.O. Saidipur 143534
RAJI BELI, P.O. Baknaur 143534
SHAHIDPUR, P.O. Parmanand 143534
SHARAF CHAK, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
TANDA, P.O. Kathlaur 143534
ANUPSHAR, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
DALLA BALIM, P.O. Parmanand 143534
HAYATI CHAK, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
KATANI, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
ZAHRI, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
AKHROTA, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
CHANDIGARH, P.O. Kathlaur 143534
CHHANI, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
DARSOPUR, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
KATHLAUR, P.O. Kathlaur 143534
KOTHE HAZIAN, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
NAJOWAL, P.O. Parmanand 143534
NAKKI, P.O. Parmanand 143534
PHERUWAL, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
SALOWAL, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
SOHAURA KALAN, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
TARAGARH, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
ALIKHAN, P.O. Saidipur 143534
BHUTTE, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
DANOUR, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
GAJJU JAGIR, P.O. Baknaur 143534
GAJJU KHALSA, P.O. Baknaur 143534
KOTHI NANGAL, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
MARI, P.O. Parmanand 143534
NAUSHERA KHURD, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
RAIPUR KULLIAN, P.O. Kathlaur 143534
SHERPUR GIDDARPUR, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
TANGO SHAH, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
BEGOWAL, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
BERAMPUR, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
KHOKHAR KOTLI, P.O. Baknaur 143534
KHUSH NAGAR, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
KOTHEY RANJHEDE, P.O. Parmanand 143534
KOTHI PREM SINGH, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
NAMALA, P.O. Parmanand 143534
RATTANGARH, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
THAKARPUR, P.O. Lahri Gujran 143534
BIG BHADA NIKKA BHADA, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
DERA JATHA DA, P.O. Kathlaur 143534
KHAWAJA WARDAG, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
BAKNAUR, P.O. Baknaur 143534
CHELLA AMDA, P.O. Rattangarh 143534
HARIVASPUR, P.O. Kathlaur 143534
JHELA AMDA SHAKARGARH, P.O. Sahaura Khurd 143534
KHIYALA, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534
NARAINPUR, P.O. Baknaur 143534
PARMANAND, P.O. Parmanand 143534
RAKWAL, P.O. Baknaur 143534
SAHIB CHAK, P.O. Baknaur 143534
SARAI, P.O. Taragarh Gurdaspur 143534

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