Pincode : 797115

Pin code of DAROGAPATHAR is 797115. This location belongs to pin code of Artc post office situated in Dimapur district of Nagaland.

Village / Locality Name : DAROGAPATHAR

Post Office : Artc SO

Postal Code : 797115

Sub District : Chumukedima

District : Dimapur

State : Nagaland

List of post office belong to postal code 797115

Location District
Aoyimti Dimapur
Artc Dimapur
Daroga Pathar Dimapur
Diphupar Dimapur
Eralibill Dimapur
Showba Old Dimapur
Suger Mill Dimapur
Sukhovi Dimapur

Nearby local areas of DAROGAPATHAR sharing pincode 797115

Area / Village Pin Code
SOKHUVI, P.O. Sukhovi 797115
AOYIM, P.O. Showba Old 797115
SOVIMA, P.O. Suger Mill 797115
5TH MILE MODEL, P.O. Suger Mill 797115
BADI, P.O. Artc 797115
DAROGAPATHAR, P.O. Artc 797115
EKRANI PATHAR, P.O. Eralibill 797115
NEW SHOUBA, P.O. Showba Old 797115
7TH MILE MODEL, P.O. Suger Mill 797115
DIPHUPAR A, P.O. Diphupar 797115
DIPHUPAR B, P.O. Diphupar 797115
ERALIBIL, P.O. Eralibill 797115
SUGARMILL AREA, P.O. Suger Mill 797115
7TH MILE VILL, P.O. Suger Mill 797115
CHEKIYE, P.O. Artc 797115
DUBAGAON, P.O. Eralibill 797115
SHOUBA OLD, P.O. Showba Old 797115
THELIKHU, P.O. Suger Mill 797115
XELHOSHE, P.O. Showba Old 797115
AOYIMTI, P.O. Aoyimti 797115
NAHARBARI, P.O. Daroga Pathar 797115
DAROGAPATHAR, P.O. Daroga Pathar 797115
NAGA UNITED VILL, P.O. Showba Old 797115

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