CHAR GHAT Postal Code

Pincode : 802166

Pin code of CHAR GHAT is 802166. This location belongs to pin code of Charghat Chanaur post office situated in Bhojpur district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : CHAR GHAT

Post Office : Charghat Chanaur BO

Postal Code : 802166

Sub District : Shahpur

District : Bhojpur

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 802166

Location District
Bahoranpur Bhojpur
Barakhrauni Bhojpur
Chamarpur Bhojpur
Chandakewatia Bhojpur
Charghat Chanaur Bhojpur
Damodarpur Bhojpur
Gaura Bhojpur
Umraonganj Bhojpur

Nearby local areas of CHAR GHAT sharing pincode 802166

Area / Village Pin Code
CHAKI NAURANGA, P.O. Damodarpur 802166
CHAMARPUR, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
GABINDPUR, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
GASHAINPUR, P.O. Damodarpur 802166
GOBINDPUR, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
HARKHI PIPRA, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
PAHARPUR, P.O. Gaura 802166
BAHORANPUR BAZAR DITTO, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
BAHORANPUR DAKHINWAR, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
BARA, P.O. Barakhrauni 802166
GAURA, P.O. Gaura 802166
BHUSAHULA DITTO, P.O. Damodarpur 802166
LACHHMANPUR, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
PURSOTAMPUR DITTO, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
SHAHPUR, P.O. Chamarpur 802166
CHANCHAR, P.O. Gaura 802166
CHAR GHAT, P.O. Charghat Chanaur 802166
GANGAPUR DITTO, P.O. Damodarpur 802166
CHANDA, P.O. Chandakewatia 802166
JAWANIA DITTO, P.O. Damodarpur 802166
KEOTIYA, P.O. Chandakewatia 802166
KARJA, P.O. Umraonganj 802166
SHAHPUR, P.O. Barakhrauni 802166
BAHORANPUR DIARA DITTO, P.O. Bahoranpur 802166
DAMODARPUR DITTO, P.O. Damodarpur 802166
GOGAURA, P.O. Gaura 802166
SHAHPUR, P.O. Umraonganj 802166

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