CHANDUR Postal Code

Pincode : 508255

Pin code of CHANDUR is 508255. This location belongs to pin code of Bangarigadda post office situated in Nalgonda district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : CHANDUR

Post Office : Bangarigadda BO

Postal Code : 508255

Sub District : Chandur

District : Nalgonda

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 508255

Location District State
Angadipet Nalgonda Telangana
Bangarigadda Nalgonda Telangana
Chandur Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
G Aeroli Nalgonda Telangana
Gundrepalli Nalgonda Telangana
Idikuda Nalgonda Telangana
Kanagal Nalgonda Telangana
Kastala Nalgonda Telangana
Nermata Nalgonda Telangana
Ponugode Nalgonda Telangana
Pullemla Nalgonda Telangana
Regatta Nalgonda Telangana
Tummlapally Nalgonda Telangana
Vattikode Nalgonda Telangana

Nearby local areas of CHANDUR sharing pincode 508255

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BANGARIGADDA, P.O. Bangarigadda Chandur 508255
BUDEMERLA PALLE, P.O. Kanagal Kangal 508255
JANGAMAI GUDA, P.O. Nermata Kangal 508255
KANGAL, P.O. Kanagal Kangal 508255
REGATLA, P.O. Regatta Kangal 508255
VATTIKODE, P.O. Vattikode Gurrampode 508255
AMMAGUDA, P.O. Kanagal Nalgonda 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Ponugode Chandur 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Regatta Chandur 508255
M GOWRARAM, P.O. Kastala Kangal 508255
BOINAPALLE, P.O. Kanagal Kangal 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Kanagal Chandur 508255
SIRDEPALLE, P.O. Chandur Nalgonda Chandur 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Bangarigadda Chandur 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Gundrepalli Chandur 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Idikuda Chandur 508255
DONIPAMULA, P.O. Nermata Chandur 508255
NARSIMHAPUR, P.O. Kastala Kangal 508255
SHAHABDULLA PUR, P.O. Regatta Kangal 508255
ANGADIPETA, P.O. Angadipet Chandur 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Kastala Chandur 508255
GUNDREPALLE, P.O. Gundrepalli Chandur 508255
IRUGANTI PALLE, P.O. Kanagal Kangal 508255
UDATHALA PALLE, P.O. Ponugode Chandur 508255
BOMMEPALLE, P.O. Kanagal Kangal 508255
CHOLLEDU, P.O. Chandur Nalgonda Munugode 508255
GADDAMVARI YADAVALLY, P.O. Kanagal Kangal 508255
KUMANDANIGUDA, P.O. Chandur Nalgonda Chandur 508255
MANGENA PALLE, P.O. Kastala Kangal 508255
THUMMALAPALLE, P.O. Tummlapally Chandur 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Chandur Nalgonda Chandur 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. G Aeroli Chandur 508255
CHANDUR, P.O. Nermata Chandur 508255
IDIKUDA, P.O. Idikuda Chandur 508255
KASTHALA, P.O. Kastala Chandur 508255
NERMATA, P.O. Nermata Chandur 508255
PONUGODE, P.O. Ponugode Kangal 508255
PULLEMLA, P.O. Pullemla Chandur 508255

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