Pincode : 504219

Pin code of KOYAGUDEM is 504219. This location belongs to pin code of Metpalli post office situated in Adilabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : KOYAGUDEM

Post Office : Metpalli BO

Postal Code : 504219

Sub District : Bhimini

District : Adilabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 504219

Location District State
Girvelli Adilabad Telangana
Jilleda Adilabad Telangana
Kanchevelli Adilabad Telangana
Kannepalli Adilabad Telangana
Kushnepalli Adilabad Telangana
Metpalli Adilabad Telangana
Mylaram Adilabad Telangana
Nennel Adilabad Telangana
Rebbena Adilabad Telangana
Venkatapur Adilabad Telangana

Nearby local areas of CHANDRAPALLE sharing pincode 504219

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BABAPUR, P.O. Venkatapur Jannaram 504219
BOPPARAM, P.O. Nennel Nennal 504219
DABBAPALLY, P.O. Kanchevelli Dahegaon 504219
DOREYGUDEM, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
GHANPUR, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
GOLLAGATTU, P.O. Kannepalli Tiryani 504219
GOLLAPALLE, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
MANNAYGUDEM, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
NAGARAM, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
PEEKALAGUDEM, P.O. Kanchevelli Dahegaon 504219
REBBENA, P.O. Rebbena Bhimini 504219
SURARAM, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
VEERAPUR, P.O. Kannepalli Tiryani 504219
KHARJI, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
LOHA, P.O. Girvelli Dahegaon 504219
MAILARAM, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
THANGALLAPALLY, P.O. Venkatapur Jannaram 504219
YEASAIAHPALLY, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
BOGAMPALLI, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
METPALLE, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
MOTLAGUDA, P.O. Girvelli Dahegaon 504219
NANDULAPALLE, P.O. Nennel Nennal 504219
PATI, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
AMARGONDA, P.O. Girvelli Dahegaon 504219
BUYYARAM, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
DAMMIREDDIPET, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
JOGAPUR, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
KANNEPALLE, P.O. Kannepalli Tiryani 504219
KURUMAGUDA, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
KUSHENAPALLE, P.O. Kushnepalli Nennal 504219
MAMIDIPALLY, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
RAMPUR, P.O. Girvelli Dahegaon 504219
DIGIDA, P.O. Girvelli Dahegaon 504219
DUBBAPALLI, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
KUNCHAVELLI, P.O. Kanchevelli Dahegaon 504219
MANNEGUDA, P.O. Nennel Nennal 504219
MUTHAPUR, P.O. Kannepalli Bhimini 504219
VENKATAPUR, P.O. Venkatapur Jannaram 504219
ANANDAPUR, P.O. Kannepalli Tiryani 504219
ANANDAPUR, P.O. Rebbena Bhimini 504219
BOMMENA, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
CHINNAVABPALLY, P.O. Girvelli Dahegaon 504219
GIRVELLI, P.O. Girvelli Dahegaon 504219
LINGAL, P.O. Kanchevelli Dahegaon 504219
NAGEPALLY, P.O. Kanchevelli Dahegaon 504219
NENNAL, P.O. Nennel Nennal 504219
S C COLONY, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
SURJAPUR, P.O. Venkatapur Bhimini 504219
BOGATA, P.O. Kannepalli Tiryani 504219
BOGUDAGUDEM, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
CHANDRAPALLE, P.O. Kanchevelli Dahegaon 504219
CHINTAPUDI, P.O. Kanchevelli Dahegaon 504219
GOLLAGUDEM, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
JANGAMPALLY, P.O. Venkatapur Jannaram 504219
JILLEDA, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
LAXIMPUR, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
NAYKUNIPET, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
RAVALPALLE, P.O. Girvelli Dahegaon 504219
BARAYAGUDA, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
JAKKEPALLE, P.O. Jilleda Vemanpalle 504219
JANGALPET, P.O. Mylaram Nennal 504219
JILADENPALLY, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219
KONAMPET, P.O. Kushnepalli Nennal 504219
KOYAGUDEM, P.O. Metpalli Bhimini 504219

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