CHANDGAD Postal Code

Pincode : 590016

Pin code of CHANDGAD is 590016. This location belongs to pin code of Khanagaon post office situated in Belgaum district of Karnataka.

Village / Locality Name : CHANDGAD

Post Office : Khanagaon BO

Postal Code : 590016

Sub District : Belgaum

District : Belgaum

State : Karnataka

List of post office belong to postal code 590016

Location District State
Ashte Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Bus Stand Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Fort Belgaum Karnataka
Belgaum Shivaji Nagar Belgaum Karnataka
Dharnatti Belgaum Karnataka
Karvinkumpi Belgaum Karnataka
Khanagaon Belgaum Karnataka
Muchandi Belgaum Karnataka
Tummarguddi Belgaum Karnataka

Nearby local areas of CHANDGAD sharing pincode 590016

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
HULLUR, P.O. Karvinkumpi Belgaum 590016
BHARMENATTI, P.O. Karvinkumpi Belgaum 590016
KHANAGAON B K, P.O. Khanagaon Belgaum 590016
TUMARGUDDI, P.O. Tummarguddi Belgaum 590016
SIDDANHALLI, P.O. Tummarguddi Belgaum 590016
BELGAUM, P.O. Karvinkumpi Belgaum 590016
KEMPADINNI, P.O. Tummarguddi Belgaum 590016
MASTOLI, P.O. Tummarguddi Belgaum 590016
BELGAUM, P.O. Belgaum Bus Stand Belgaum 590016
BELGAUM, P.O. Belgaum Fort Belgaum 590016
CHANDUR, P.O. Khanagaon Belgaum 590016
KALAKHAMB, P.O. Muchandi Belgaum 590016
MUCHANDI, P.O. Muchandi Belgaum 590016
ASTE, P.O. Ashte Belgaum 590016
BELGAUM, P.O. Belgaum Shivaji Nagar Belgaum 590016
BHIMGAD, P.O. Tummarguddi Belgaum 590016
BUDHYANUR, P.O. Ashte Belgaum 590016
KARVI, P.O. Karvinkumpi Belgaum 590016
KARIKATTI, P.O. Tummarguddi Belgaum 590016
CHANDGAD, P.O. Khanagaon Belgaum 590016
HULYANUR, P.O. Ashte Belgaum 590016
KHANAGAON K H, P.O. Khanagaon Belgaum 590016
SOMNATTI, P.O. Tummarguddi Belgaum 590016

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