Pincode : 456664

Pin code of CHANDESARA is 456664. This location belongs to pin code of Narwar Ujjain post office situated in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : CHANDESARA

Post Office : Narwar SO Ujjain

Postal Code : 456664

Sub District : Ujjain

District : Ujjain

State : Madhya Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 456664

Location District
Bolasa Ujjain
Chandesara Ujjain
Kachnariya Ujjain
Matana Kalan Ujjain
Narwar Ujjain Ujjain
Nauganwa Ujjain
Piploda Dwarkadhish Ujjain

Nearby local areas of CHANDESARA sharing pincode 456664

Area / Village Pin Code
KACHNARIYA, P.O. Kachnariya 456664
MATANAKALAN, P.O. Matana Kalan 456664
MATANAKHURD, P.O. Matana Kalan 456664
CHANDESARA, P.O. Chandesara 456664
DEWARKHEDI KHURD, P.O. Kachnariya 456664
HARNAWADA, P.O. Bolasa 456664
KHOKARIYA, P.O. Bolasa 456664
MANPURA, P.O. Matana Kalan 456664
NARWAR, P.O. Narwar Ujjain 456664
MALIKHEDI, P.O. Nauganwa 456664
MATANAKALAN, P.O. Narwar Ujjain 456664
BAWALIYAKHEDI, P.O. Kachnariya 456664
BOLASA, P.O. Bolasa 456664
CHANDESARA, P.O. Narwar Ujjain 456664
DEWARAKHEDI BUZURG, P.O. Kachnariya 456664
JASTIKHEDI, P.O. Chandesara 456664
KUWARIYA, P.O. Chandesara 456664
MUNJAKHEDI, P.O. Piploda Dwarkadhish 456664
NOGAWAN, P.O. Narwar Ujjain 456664
SILARKHEDI, P.O. Nauganwa 456664
NIKEWADI, P.O. Bolasa 456664
PALKHANDA, P.O. Piploda Dwarkadhish 456664
GAOWDI, P.O. Kachnariya 456664
GUNAIJAGIR, P.O. Kachnariya 456664
KACHNARIYA, P.O. Narwar Ujjain 456664
KASAMPUR, P.O. Bolasa 456664
KHAJURIA REHWARI, P.O. Matana Kalan 456664
NOGAWAN, P.O. Nauganwa 456664
CHANDESARI, P.O. Chandesara 456664
DATANA, P.O. Matana Kalan 456664
DEWAR, P.O. Kachnariya 456664
PIPLODA DWARKADISH, P.O. Piploda Dwarkadhish 456664

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