CHALMEDA Postal Code

Pincode : 508256

Pin code of CHALMEDA is 508256. This location belongs to pin code of Pittalaguda post office situated in Nalgonda district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : CHALMEDA

Post Office : Pittalaguda BO

Postal Code : 508256

Sub District : Munugode

District : Nalgonda

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 508256

Location District State
Chamalapally Nalgonda Telangana
Chepur So Nalgonda Telangana
Gurrampode Nalgonda Telangana
Junuthala Nalgonda Telangana
Koppole Nalgonda Telangana
Nadikuda Nalgonda Telangana
Pittalaguda Nalgonda Telangana
Pochamppaly Nalgonda Telangana
Tenepally Nalgonda Telangana
Thanedarpally Nalgonda Telangana

Nearby local areas of CHALMEDA sharing pincode 508256

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
CHAMALA PALLE, P.O. Chamalapally Nampalle 508256
MAILAPUR, P.O. Junuthala Gurrampode 508256
MAKKA PALLE, P.O. Junuthala Gurrampode 508256
OOTLAPALLE, P.O. Tenepally Gurrampode 508256
GANUGU PALLE, P.O. Chamalapally Nampalle 508256
PEDDAVOORA, P.O. Pittalaguda Peddavoora 508256
POCHAMPALLE, P.O. Pochamppaly Gurrampode 508256
NADIKUDA, P.O. Nadikuda Gurrampode 508256
JUNUTHLA, P.O. Junuthala Gurrampode 508256
PALLE PAHAD, P.O. Chepur Gurrampode 508256
PARLA PALLE, P.O. Chepur Gurrampode 508256
THANDERPALLE, P.O. Thanedarpally Thipparthi 508256
BOLLARAM P KOPPOLE, P.O. Nadikuda Gurrampode 508256
KOPPOLE, P.O. Gurrampode Gurrampode 508256
THANEDAR PALLE, P.O. Thanedarpally Gurrampode 508256
CHAMLED, P.O. Pittalaguda Gurrampode 508256
GOUSE KONDA, P.O. Pochamppaly Pochampalle 508256
CHALMEDA, P.O. Pittalaguda Munugode 508256
CHEPUR, P.O. Chepur Gurrampode 508256
KACHARAM P KOPPOLE, P.O. Thanedarpally Gurrampode 508256
MULKALA PALLE, P.O. Chepur Gurrampode 508256
TENEPALLE, P.O. Tenepally Gurrampode 508256

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