BURDWAN I Postal Code

Pincode : 713103

Pin code of BURDWAN I is 713103. This location belongs to pin code of Sankharipukur post office situated in Bardhaman district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : BURDWAN I

Post Office : Sankharipukur SO

Postal Code : 713103

Sub District : Burdwan - I

District : Bardhaman

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 713103

Location District
Bolpur Bardhaman
Bontir Bardhaman
Chotonilpur Bardhaman
Ghordourchati Bardhaman
Hijalna Bardhaman
Ichlabad Bardhaman
Kamalpur Bardhaman
Mahachanda Bardhaman
Saloon Bardhaman
Sankharipukur Bardhaman
Sripalli Bardhaman
Sundarghat Bardhaman

Nearby local areas of BURDWAN I sharing pincode 713103

Area / Village Pin Code
BAMUNIA, P.O. Hijalna 713103
BURDWAN II, P.O. Sripalli 713103
JAKTA, P.O. Mahachanda 713103
KANAINATSHAL P, P.O. Sripalli 713103
MACHHKHARA, P.O. Mahachanda 713103
MANIK HATI, P.O. Sripalli 713103
RAMANANDAPUR, P.O. Bontir 713103
SHIBPUR, P.O. Bolpur 713103
BANTIR, P.O. Bontir 713103
BURDWAN I, P.O. Sundarghat 713103
DANGACHHA, P.O. Hijalna 713103
PIRIJPUR, P.O. Bontir 713103
SALUN, P.O. Saloon 713103
SHRIRAMPUR, P.O. Sripalli 713103
SHUKUR, P.O. Bontir 713103
BANDGACHHA, P.O. Bolpur 713103
BURDWAN I, P.O. Ichlabad 713103
HIJALNA, P.O. Hijalna 713103
BOLPUR, P.O. Bolpur 713103
BURDWAN I, P.O. Chotonilpur 713103
HATSIMUL, P.O. Sripalli 713103
ICHHLABAD P, P.O. Sripalli 713103
JAMNA, P.O. Mahachanda 713103
KALYANPUR, P.O. Sripalli 713103
BABARAKPUR, P.O. Mahachanda 713103
BURDWAN I, P.O. Sripalli 713103
CHAK PUROHIT, P.O. Mahachanda 713103
CHHOTA KAYRAPUR, P.O. Bolpur 713103
GAITANPUR, P.O. Kamalpur 713103
JOT SILAM, P.O. Bontir 713103
ATKULYA, P.O. Saloon 713103
BANAGRAM, P.O. Hijalna 713103
BECHARHAT P, P.O. Sripalli 713103
BELSHAR, P.O. Hijalna 713103
BURDWAN I, P.O. Sankharipukur 713103
JAFRABAD, P.O. Hijalna 713103
JOTSADI, P.O. Bontir 713103
KAMALPUR, P.O. Kamalpur 713103
KAMALPUR, P.O. Kamalpur 713103
TILDANGA, P.O. Saloon 713103
BURDWAN I, P.O. Ghordourchati 713103
MACHKHANDA, P.O. Mahachanda 713103
SALGACHHA, P.O. Bolpur 713103
GOPALNAGAR P, P.O. Sripalli 713103

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