Pincode : 202126

Pin code of BHOJPUR GARHIA is 202126. This location belongs to pin code of Pilona post office situated in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : BHOJPUR GARHIA

Post Office : Pilona BO

Postal Code : 202126

Sub District : Gabhana **

District : Aligarh

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 202126

Location District
Baraula Aligarh
Barauli Aligarh
Daheli Aligarh
Daupur Aligarh
Debthala Aligarh
Jawan Aligarh
Pilona Aligarh
Songra Aligarh
Sumera Aligarh

Nearby local areas of BHOJPUR GARHIA sharing pincode 202126

Area / Village Pin Code
BARAULI, P.O. Barauli 202126
DAUPUR, P.O. Daupur 202126
JAWAN VAJIDPUR, P.O. Jawan 202126
ORHA, P.O. Sumera 202126
RAJGARHI, P.O. Baraula 202126
TEEKARI BHAVAPUR, P.O. Songra 202126
TEJPUR, P.O. Pilona 202126
BHOJPUR GARHIA, P.O. Pilona 202126
MADHO GARH, P.O. Songra 202126
SUJAPUR, P.O. Barauli 202126
BARAULA JAFRABAD, P.O. Baraula 202126
BARAULI KHAS, P.O. Barauli 202126
PILAUNA, P.O. Pilona 202126
RAMNAGAR, P.O. Daupur 202126
SHYAMPUR, P.O. Daupur 202126
TATARGARHI, P.O. Daheli 202126
DAOOPUR KOTA, P.O. Daupur 202126
GANWARI, P.O. Daupur 202126
JAWAN SIKANDPUR, P.O. Jawan 202126
POKHAR GARHI, P.O. Barauli 202126
RAIPUR, P.O. Daheli 202126
RAIPUR OI, P.O. Daheli 202126
SIEPUR, P.O. Pilona 202126
SUMERPUR, P.O. Sumera 202126
DAHELI, P.O. Daheli 202126
DAHELI, P.O. Daheli 202126
FARIDPUR, P.O. Daheli 202126
GOL GARHI, P.O. Daupur 202126
KHURD KHERA, P.O. Daheli 202126
SONGRA, P.O. Jawan 202126
SONGRA, P.O. Songra 202126
BAJGARHI, P.O. Debthala 202126
DABTHALA, P.O. Debthala 202126
SUMERA DARIYAPUR, P.O. Sumera 202126
DAOOPUR, P.O. Daupur 202126
LEHTOI, P.O. Songra 202126
MADAN GARHI, P.O. Barauli 202126
NAGAULA, P.O. Jawan 202126
TALEPUR, P.O. Daupur 202126

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