BHATKHAR Postal Code

Pincode : 853203

Pin code of BHATKHAR is 853203. This location belongs to pin code of Bharakhand Naybas post office situated in Khagaria district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : BHATKHAR

Post Office : Bharakhand Naybas BO

Postal Code : 853203

Sub District : Parbatta

District : Khagaria

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 853203

Location District
Balaha Bhagalpur
Bharakhand Naybas Khagaria
Bharatkhand Bhagalpur
Chakrani Bhagalpur
Khajraitha Khagaria
Madhurpur Bhagalpur
Nagarpara Bhagalpur
Narayanpur Bhagalpur Bhagalpur
Paharpur Bhagalpur
Raipur Bhagalpur
Sathishnagar Khagaria

Nearby local areas of BHATKHAR sharing pincode 853203

Area / Village Pin Code
BISHUNPUR AMRI, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
GOPALPURCHAKI PATTI, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
MADHOPUR, P.O. Madhurpur 853203
BHATKHAR, P.O. Bharakhand Naybas 853203
NARAINPUR, P.O. Chakrani 853203
NARAYANPUR, P.O. Narayanpur Bhagalpur 853203
PAIGAMBARPUR, P.O. Narayanpur Bhagalpur 853203
KHARIHARA, P.O. Chakrani 853203
NARAYANPUR, P.O. Balaha 853203
BAIKATPUR, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
JAGANCHAK, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
NAGARPARA ARAZI, P.O. Nagarpara 853203
NAGARPARA ARAZI, P.O. Raipur 853203
NAGARPARA ARAZI MILIK, P.O. Nagarpara 853203
RAMI CHAK, P.O. Narayanpur Bhagalpur 853203
SAURH, P.O. Sathishnagar 853203
JAGDISH CHAK, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
MOHANPUR, P.O. Nagarpara 853203
PAHARPUR, P.O. Paharpur 853203
RAIPUR, P.O. Raipur 853203
EUSUFPUR, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
GOPALPUR KALI PATTI, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
KHAJRAITHA, P.O. Khajraitha 853203
SHIRAZUDDINPUR, P.O. Narayanpur Bhagalpur 853203
BISHUNPUR GOPAL, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
DUDHAILA, P.O. Bharatkhand 853203
NAGARPARA, P.O. Nagarpara 853203
NARAINPUR, P.O. Narayanpur Bhagalpur 853203
SAIDUDDINPUR, P.O. Nagarpara 853203
SIHPUR, P.O. Narayanpur Bhagalpur 853203

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