Pincode : 805123

Pin code of BHARAUNSA is 805123. This location belongs to pin code of Oraina post office situated in Nawada district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : BHARAUNSA

Post Office : Oraina BO

Postal Code : 805123

Sub District : Nawada

District : Nawada

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 805123

Location District State
Akaunabazar Nawada Bihar
Bhadokhara Nawada Bihar
Kenasari Nawada Bihar
Oraina Nawada Bihar
Orhanpur Nawada Bihar
Sabhari Nawada Bihar
Sonsihari Nawada Bihar

Nearby local areas of BHARAUNSA sharing pincode 805123

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
AKAUNA MINHAI, P.O. Akaunabazar Nawada 805123
BHARAUNSA, P.O. Oraina Nawada 805123
ORAINA, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
PHALDU, P.O. Bhadokhara Nardiganj 805123
SHARIF CHAK, P.O. Akaunabazar Nawada 805123
SONSIHARI, P.O. Sonsihari Nawada 805123
BHADOKHARA, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
JANPURA, P.O. Sabhari Nardiganj 805123
MUTANAZE, P.O. Orhanpur Nardiganj 805123
SABHRI, P.O. Sabhari Nardiganj 805123
SAIDPUR PAKARIYA, P.O. Bhadokhara Nardiganj 805123
WORHANPUR, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
ZAKI CHAK, P.O. Sonsihari Nawada 805123
AMIPUR, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
BALOKHAR, P.O. Oraina Nawada 805123
CHAMARDIHA, P.O. Sonsihari Nawada 805123
PAKARIYA, P.O. Orhanpur Nardiganj 805123
RAMPUR, P.O. Sabhari Nardiganj 805123
TETARIYA, P.O. Akaunabazar Nawada 805123
BARAWAN, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
DIDAUR, P.O. Akaunabazar Nawada 805123
KHUTIKA, P.O. Sonsihari Nawada 805123
SANDALPUR, P.O. Orhanpur Nardiganj 805123
HUSAIN CHAK, P.O. Sonsihari Nawada 805123
PATHRA INGLISH, P.O. Bhadokhara Nawada 805123
PIPRA CHAK, P.O. Akaunabazar Nawada 805123
KENA, P.O. Kenasari Nawada 805123
KHARANT, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
PAKARIA, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
BHURAHA, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
KENDUA, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
SANDOHRO, P.O. Bhadokhara Nardiganj 805123
AKAUNA NIZAMAT, P.O. Orhanpur Nawada 805123
BHADAUR, P.O. Orhanpur Nardiganj 805123
DHIBRI CHAK, P.O. Sonsihari Nawada 805123
HUSEN CHAK, P.O. Sonsihari Nawada 805123
MADHUBAN, P.O. Orhanpur Nardiganj 805123
NARDIGANJ, P.O. Sabhari Nardiganj 805123
RAJAUR, P.O. Orhanpur Nardiganj 805123

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