BELU Postal Code

Pincode : 422502

Pin code of BELU is 422502. This location belongs to pin code of Shenit post office situated in Nashik district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : BELU

Post Office : Shenit BO

Postal Code : 422502

Sub District : Sinnar

District : Nashik

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 422502

Location District State
Agaskhind Nashik Maharashtra
Bhagur Nashik Maharashtra
Lahavit Nashik Maharashtra
Nanegaon Nashik Maharashtra
Pandurli Nashik Maharashtra
Pimpalgaon Dukra Nashik Maharashtra
Sakur Nashik Maharashtra
Shenit Nashik Maharashtra
Shivde Nashik Maharashtra
Vadgaon Pingala Nashik Maharashtra
Vinchuri dalvi Nashik Maharashtra

Nearby local areas of BELU sharing pincode 422502

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
AGAS KHIND, P.O. Shenit Sinnar 422502
SAKUR, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
AGASKHIND, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
BORKHIND, P.O. Shivde Sinnar 422502
GHORWAD, P.O. Shivde Sinnar 422502
LAHVIT, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
LOHASHINGWE, P.O. Shenit Nashik 422502
PANDHURLI, P.O. Pandurli Sinnar 422502
PIMPALGAON DUKRA, P.O. Pimpalgaon Dukra Igatpuri 422502
PIMPALGAON GHADAGA, P.O. Pimpalgaon Dukra Igatpuri 422502
LAHVIT, P.O. Lahavit Nashik 422502
SHIVADE, P.O. Shivde Sinnar 422502
VADGAON PINGALA, P.O. Vadgaon Pingala Sinnar 422502
SHENIT, P.O. Shenit Igatpuri 422502
VINCHUR DALVI, P.O. Vinchuri dalvi Sinnar 422502
NANEGAON, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
SAWATAMALINAGAR, P.O. Bhagur Sinnar 422502
SHIVDE, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
VADGAON PINGLA, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
AGAS KHIND, P.O. Agaskhind Sinnar 422502
BELU, P.O. Shenit Sinnar 422502
NANEGAON, P.O. Nanegaon Nashik 422502
PIMPALGAON DUKRA, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
SAKUR, P.O. Sakur Igatpuri 422502
VINCHUR DALVI, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
BHAGUR RURAL, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
NINAVI, P.O. Pimpalgaon Dukra Igatpuri 422502
PANDHURLI, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
RAHURI, P.O. Vinchuri dalvi Nashik 422502
SHENIT, P.O. Bhagur Nashik 422502
VANJARWADI, P.O. Shenit Nashik 422502

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