BASRA Postal Code

Pincode : 802222

Pin code of BASRA is 802222. This location belongs to pin code of Bagar post office situated in Bhojpur district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : BASRA

Post Office : Bagar BO

Postal Code : 802222

Sub District : Tarari

District : Bhojpur

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 802222

Location District State
Andhari Bhojpur Bihar
Bagar Bhojpur Bihar
Imadpur Bhojpur Bihar
Khutahan Bhojpur Bihar
Kolodihri Bhojpur Bihar
Moapkalan Bhojpur Bihar
Panwari Bhojpur Bihar
Purahra Bhojpur Bihar
Sikrahta Kala Bhojpur Bihar

Nearby local areas of BASRA sharing pincode 802222

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
ADHAR DIH, P.O. Andhari Tarari 802222
BERAIN, P.O. Khutahan Tarari 802222
BHOPATPUR, P.O. Andhari Sahar 802222
CHHATARPURA, P.O. Kolodihri Sahar 802222
KHUTAHA, P.O. Khutahan Tarari 802222
NONI DIH, P.O. Bagar Tarari 802222
PURHARA, P.O. Purahra Sahar 802222
ANDHARI, P.O. Andhari Sahar 802222
BAHADURPUR, P.O. Moapkalan Tarari 802222
DARI DIH, P.O. Bagar Tarari 802222
HARPUR, P.O. Andhari Sahar 802222
JANAIDIH, P.O. Andhari Sahar 802222
JANPURIA, P.O. Kolodihri Sahar 802222
KHUTAHA, P.O. Moapkalan Tarari 802222
LACHCHHI DIH, P.O. Moapkalan Tarari 802222
MOAP BUZURG, P.O. Moapkalan Tarari 802222
BISHAMHARPUR, P.O. Moapkalan Tarari 802222
BISHUNPURA, P.O. Imadpur Tarari 802222
SIKARHATA KHURD, P.O. Sikrahta Kala Tarari 802222
BAGAR, P.O. Bagar Tarari 802222
BAGAUNTI, P.O. Purahra Sahar 802222
NIMA, P.O. Purahra Sahar 802222
PANWARI, P.O. Panwari Tarari 802222
SAHIARA, P.O. Khutahan Tarari 802222
SIKARHATA, P.O. Sikrahta Kala Tarari 802222
ATHPA, P.O. Kolodihri Sahar 802222
BARUNA, P.O. Purahra Itarhi 802222
DHARAMPUR, P.O. Andhari Sahar 802222
DHIRATPURA, P.O. Khutahan Shahpur 802222
IMADPUR, P.O. Imadpur Tarari 802222
KANU DIH, P.O. Moapkalan Tarari 802222
KAUL DEHRI, P.O. Kolodihri Sahar 802222
MOAP KHURD, P.O. Khutahan Tarari 802222
NARAYANPUR, P.O. Khutahan Tarari 802222
BASRA, P.O. Bagar Tarari 802222
KHAIRULLA CHAK, P.O. Bagar Tarari 802222
KHUTAHA, P.O. Kolodihri Tarari 802222
ANDHARI MAHAZI, P.O. Andhari Sahar 802222
DEWRIA, P.O. Imadpur Tarari 802222
MAHABIRGANJ, P.O. Kolodihri Sahar 802222
OJHAULIA, P.O. Andhari Sahar 802222
PATELWA, P.O. Imadpur Tarari 802222
SAUNA, P.O. Khutahan Tarari 802222
SIKARHATA MILIK, P.O. Moapkalan Tarari 802222
SONAR DIHRI, P.O. Moapkalan Tarari 802222

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