Pincode : 571126

Pin code of SISSAIANAPURA is 571126. This location belongs to pin code of Kaligowdanahalli post office situated in Chamrajnagar district of Karnataka.

Village / Locality Name : SISSAIANAPURA

Post Office : Kaligowdanahalli BO

Postal Code : 571126

Sub District : Gundlupet

District : Chamrajnagar

State : Karnataka

List of post office belong to postal code 571126

Location District State
Bandipura Chamrajnagar Karnataka
Devarahalli Chamrajnagar Karnataka
Hangala Chamrajnagar Karnataka
Kaligowdanahalli Chamrajnagar Karnataka
Kaniyanapura Chamrajnagar Karnataka
Mangala Chamrajnagar Karnataka
Puttanapura Chamrajnagar Karnataka

Nearby local areas of BASAVAPURA sharing pincode 571126

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
A DEVARAHALLI, P.O. Devarahalli Yelandur 571126
BANDIPURA DISTRICT FOREST, P.O. Bandipura Gundlupet 571126
BANDIPURA STATE FOREST, P.O. Bandipura Gundlupet 571126
HANGALA, P.O. Hangala Gundlupet 571126
HONNEGOWDANAHALLI, P.O. Devarahalli Gundlupet 571126
KANIPURA, P.O. Kaniyanapura Nanjangud 571126
KANIYANAPURA, P.O. Kaniyanapura Gundlupet 571126
PASSAIAHNAPURA, P.O. Kaligowdanahalli Gundlupet 571126
BASAVAPURA, P.O. Puttanapura Gundlupet 571126
KALLIPURA, P.O. Devarahalli Chamarajanagar 571126
PUTTANAPURA, P.O. Puttanapura Chamarajanagar 571126
CHELUVARAYANAPURA, P.O. Kaniyanapura Gundlupet 571126
DEVALAPURA, P.O. Hangala Gundlupet 571126
HOSALLICOLONY, P.O. Devarahalli Gundlupet 571126
JAKKAHALLI, P.O. Mangala Gundlupet 571126
KALIGOWDANAHALLI, P.O. Kaligowdanahalli Gundlupet 571126
KARLE, P.O. Kaligowdanahalli Gundlupet 571126
BANDIPURA, P.O. Bandipura Gundlupet 571126
DEVARAHALLI, P.O. Devarahalli Gundlupet 571126
MAGUVINAHALLIMEL KAMANAHALLI, P.O. Kaligowdanahalli Gundlupet 571126
HOSALLI COLONY, P.O. Devarahalli Gundlupet 571126
PUTTHANAPURA, P.O. Puttanapura Gundlupet 571126
BENDARAVADI, P.O. Puttanapura Gundlupet 571126
KAREMOLE, P.O. Bandipura Gundlupet 571126
VADDANA HOSAHALLI, P.O. Puttanapura Gundlupet 571126
YELACHATTI, P.O. Kaniyanapura Gundlupet 571126
HANGALAPURA, P.O. Hangala Gundlupet 571126
MANGALA, P.O. Mangala Gundlupet 571126
SISSAIANAPURA, P.O. Kaligowdanahalli Gundlupet 571126

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