BANSLA Postal Code

Pincode : 465335

Pin code of BANSLA is 465335. This location belongs to pin code of Panch Dehria post office situated in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : BANSLA

Post Office : Panch Dehria BO

Postal Code : 465335

Sub District : Shujalpur

District : Shajapur

State : Madhya Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 465335

Location District
Amlay Shajapur
Chakrod Shajapur
Dhabla Ghosi Shajapur
Jamner Shajapur Shajapur
Panch Dehria Shajapur
Siloda Shajapur

Nearby local areas of BANSLA sharing pincode 465335

Area / Village Pin Code
KHARKHAR, P.O. Chakrod 465335
BAGODA GADDI KHEDI, P.O. Panch Dehria 465335
DHABLA DHONSI, P.O. Dhabla Ghosi 465335
DHABLA HUSAINPUR, P.O. Siloda 465335
DHUBOTI, P.O. Jamner Shajapur 465335
GERKHEDI, P.O. Jamner Shajapur 465335
GURDA KHEDI, P.O. Amlay 465335
SILODA, P.O. Siloda 465335
KHALILPUR, P.O. Jamner Shajapur 465335
CHAKROD, P.O. Chakrod 465335
DABRI, P.O. Dhabla Ghosi 465335
MAHUWA KHEDI, P.O. Chakrod 465335
RUSTAMPUR, P.O. Amlay 465335
BISHAN KHEDA, P.O. Panch Dehria 465335
DUNGLAY, P.O. Dhabla Ghosi 465335
FATEHPUR CHAKROD, P.O. Chakrod 465335
HIRANA, P.O. Chakrod 465335
NIWALYA, P.O. Siloda 465335
RONSI, P.O. Jamner Shajapur 465335
PANCH DEHARIYA, P.O. Panch Dehria 465335
RASALPUR, P.O. Chakrod 465335
AKODI, P.O. Jamner Shajapur 465335
AMLAY, P.O. Amlay 465335
BANSLA, P.O. Panch Dehria 465335
HAJIPUR, P.O. Chakrod 465335
KHEJADIYA, P.O. Panch Dehria 465335
JAMNER, P.O. Jamner Shajapur 465335

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