BANKTARA Postal Code

Pincode : 713152

Pin code of BANKTARA is 713152. This location belongs to pin code of Panduk post office situated in Bardhaman district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : BANKTARA

Post Office : Panduk BO

Postal Code : 713152

Sub District : Ausgram - II

District : Bardhaman

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 713152

Location District
Bamnabagram Bardhaman
Bhuera Bardhaman
Genral Bardhaman
Hedogora Bardhaman
Kerotia Bardhaman
Panduk Bardhaman
Uttarramnagar Bardhaman

Nearby local areas of BANKTARA sharing pincode 713152

Area / Village Pin Code
BARA CHATRA, P.O. Bamnabagram 713152
GENRAI, P.O. Genral 713152
JALIKANDAR, P.O. Hedogora 713152
KHATNAGAR, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
MALIARA, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
SOKADANGA, P.O. Kerotia 713152
BAHAMANPUR, P.O. Bamnabagram 713152
BANKTARA, P.O. Panduk 713152
BELEMATH, P.O. Genral 713152
DHONKORA, P.O. Bhuera 713152
HARGARIA DANGA, P.O. Kerotia 713152
HARINATHPUR, P.O. Hedogora 713152
NAWAPARA, P.O. Bamnabagram 713152
BANKUL, P.O. Bamnabagram 713152
JAGAT PUR, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
PATHAR KUCHI, P.O. Hedogora 713152
DANGAPARA, P.O. Genral 713152
KARATIA, P.O. Kerotia 713152
SINGER BANDHI DANGA, P.O. Kerotia 713152
BHUYERA, P.O. Bhuera 713152
BISHNUPUR, P.O. Genral 713152
DANGAPARA, P.O. Hedogora 713152
DEYEM NAGAR, P.O. Kerotia 713152
GOSWAMI KANDA MULLIKPUR, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
MALLIKPUR, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
CHHORA, P.O. Bamnabagram 713152
HODOGARYA, P.O. Hedogora 713152
KOROTIA, P.O. Kerotia 713152
PANDUK, P.O. Panduk 713152
PUBAR, P.O. Panduk 713152
BAN NABAGRAM, P.O. Bamnabagram 713152
CHORA, P.O. Bhuera 713152
GOHALARA, P.O. Genral 713152
HATMADHAB PUR, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
JALALPUR, P.O. Panduk 713152
KURAL, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
WARISHPUR, P.O. Bamnabagram 713152
GOPALPUR, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
JORKA DANGA, P.O. Kerotia 713152
KHORDA DWARIAPUR, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152
PURBBA TATI, P.O. Bamnabagram 713152
RAMNAGAR UTTAR, P.O. Uttarramnagar 713152

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