Pincode : 516175

Pin code of RADHANAGARAM is 516175. This location belongs to pin code of Kamanur post office situated in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : RADHANAGARAM

Post Office : Kamanur BO

Postal Code : 516175

Sub District : Proddatur

District : Cuddapah

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 516175

Location District State
Bayanapalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Chinnasinganapalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Duvvur Cuddapah Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Errapalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Gudipadu Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Idamadaka Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Jillella Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Kamanur Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Kanagudur Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Krishnampalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Machanapalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Madirepalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Neelapuram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Nelatur Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Peddajonnavaram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Pullareddypeta Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Ramapuram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Ramasainagar Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
T Sallabasayapalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Vasudevapuram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Venkupalle Kadapa Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of BALAYAPALLE sharing pincode 516175

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BALLAKKIVARIPALLE, P.O. Errapalle Duvvur 516175
DASARIPALLE, P.O. Neelapuram Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Errapalle Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Ramasainagar Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Vasudevapuram Duvvur 516175
T SALLABASAYAPALLE, P.O. T Sallabasayapalle Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Pullareddypeta Duvvur 516175
GOLLAKRISHNAPURAM, P.O. Madirepalle Duvvur 516175
GUDIPADU, P.O. Gudipadu Duvvur 516175
KATUKAPALLE, P.O. Ramapuram Duvvur 516175
BALAYAPALLE, P.O. Madirepalle Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Venkupalle Duvvur 516175
IDAMADAKA, P.O. Idamadaka Duvvur 516175
JILLELA, P.O. Jillella Duvvur 516175
MANERAMPALLE, P.O. T Sallabasayapalle Duvvur 516175
SANJEEVAREDDIPALLE, P.O. Vasudevapuram Duvvur 516175
YEKULAKOTTALU, P.O. T Sallabasayapalle Duvvur 516175
CHINNA SINGANAPALLE, P.O. Chinnasinganapalle Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Kamanur Proddatur 516175
PEDDASINGANAPALLE, P.O. Madirepalle Duvvur 516175
VENGANNAGARIPALLE, P.O. Machanapalle Chapad 516175
VENKATESWARAKOTTALU, P.O. Venkupalle Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Ramapuram Duvvur 516175
KANAGUDUR, P.O. Kanagudur Duvvur 516175
NELATURU, P.O. Nelatur Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Krishnampalle Duvvur 516175
GOLLAPALLE, P.O. T Sallabasayapalle Duvvur 516175
MACHANAPALLE, P.O. Machanapalle Duvvur 516175
CHISTURAJAPURAM, P.O. Pullareddypeta Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Madirepalle Duvvur 516175
NARAYANAPALLE, P.O. Idamadaka Duvvur 516175
PEDDA JONNAVARAM, P.O. Peddajonnavaram Duvvur 516175
PEDDABAKARAPURAM, P.O. Jillella Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Bayanapalle Duvvur 516175
DUVVUR, P.O. Duvvur Cuddapah Duvvur 516175
MUDINDLAPALLE, P.O. Ramasainagar Duvvur 516175
NEELAPURAM, P.O. Neelapuram Duvvur 516175
RADHANAGARAM, P.O. Kamanur Proddatur 516175

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