GURNEY Postal Code

Pincode : 148031

Pin code of GURNEY is 148031. This location belongs to pin code of Gobind Jawahar Ke post office situated in Sangrur district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : GURNEY

Post Office : Gobind Jawahar Ke BO

Postal Code : 148031

Sub District : Moonak

District : Sangrur

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 148031

Location District State
Bakhora Kalan Sangrur Punjab
Bhutal Kalan Sangrur Punjab
Chotian Sangrur Punjab
Daska Sangrur Punjab
Gaga Road Sangrur Punjab
Ghorenab Sangrur Punjab
Gidrani Sangrur Punjab
Gobind Jawahar Ke Sangrur Punjab
Haryau Sangrur Punjab
Lehragaga Sangrur Punjab
Phalera Sangrur Punjab
Sangatpura Sangrur Punjab

Nearby local areas of BAKHORA KHURD sharing pincode 148031

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
CHANGLIWALA, P.O. Lehragaga Sunam 148031
CHOTIAN, P.O. Chotian Moonak 148031
KALIAN, P.O. Chotian Moonak 148031
LEHRAGAGA, P.O. Lehragaga Moonak 148031
ALAMPUR, P.O. Lehragaga Moonak 148031
KAL BANJARA, P.O. Bhutal Kalan Moonak 148031
LADAL, P.O. Sangatpura Sunam 148031
RAMPURA JAWAHARWALA, P.O. Gobind Jawahar Ke Moonak 148031
BAKHORA KHURD, P.O. Bakhora Kalan Moonak 148031
FATEHGARH, P.O. Phalera Sunam 148031
KHANDEBAD, P.O. Ghorenab Moonak 148031
ALISHER, P.O. Lehragaga Moonak 148031
BAKHORA KALAN, P.O. Bakhora Kalan Moonak 148031
BHUTAL KALAN, P.O. Bhutal Kalan Moonak 148031
DASKA, P.O. Daska Sunam 148031
GIDRANI, P.O. Gidrani Sunam 148031
GOBINDPURA JAWAHARWALA, P.O. Gobind Jawahar Ke Moonak 148031
HARYAU, P.O. Haryau Sunam 148031
LEHAL KHURD, P.O. Bhutal Kalan Moonak 148031
LOKHAI, P.O. Lehragaga Moonak 148031
RAMGARH SANDHWAN, P.O. Ghorenab Moonak 148031
KOTRA LEHAL, P.O. Lehragaga Moonak 148031
PHULERA, P.O. Phalera Sunam 148031
RATTA KHERA, P.O. Daska Sunam 148031
SANGATPURA, P.O. Sangatpura Sunam 148031
SEKHUWAS, P.O. Ghorenab Moonak 148031
ARKBAS, P.O. Lehragaga Moonak 148031
SHEIKHUWAS, P.O. Ghorenab Moonak 148031
GAGA, P.O. Lehragaga Sunam 148031
GHORANAB, P.O. Ghorenab Moonak 148031
GURNEY, P.O. Gobind Jawahar Ke Moonak 148031

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