BAKHDA Postal Code

Pincode : 851217

Pin code of BAKHDA is 851217. This location belongs to pin code of Bakhadda post office situated in Begusarai district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : BAKHDA

Post Office : Bakhadda BO

Postal Code : 851217

Sub District : Sahebpur Kamal

District : Begusarai

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 851217

Location District
Bakhadda Begusarai
Chauki Begusarai
Chharrapatti Begusarai
Panchbir Begusarai
Phulmallik Begusarai
Raghunathpur Begusarai
Sahebpur Kamal Begusarai
Salemabad Begusarai
Saligrami Begusarai
Samastipur Begusarai
Sandalpur Begusarai
Sanha Begusarai

Nearby local areas of BAKHDA sharing pincode 851217

Area / Village Pin Code
BAKHDA, P.O. Bakhadda 851217
PHULMALIK, P.O. Phulmallik 851217
RAGHUNATHPUR BARARI, P.O. Raghunathpur 851217
ROHUA, P.O. Sahebpur Kamal 851217
SAIDPUR, P.O. Phulmallik 851217
SALIGRAMI, P.O. Saligrami 851217
SHAHPUR KAMAL, P.O. Sahebpur Kamal 851217
SANDALPUR, P.O. Sandalpur 851217
SARAIA, P.O. Sahebpur Kamal 851217
JIANANDPUR, P.O. Panchbir 851217
CHHARRAPATI, P.O. Chharrapatti 851217
RAGHUNATHPUR KARARI, P.O. Raghunathpur 851217
SHERPUR, P.O. Saligrami 851217
HARPUR, P.O. Sahebpur Kamal 851217
MALHIPUR KARARI, P.O. Saligrami 851217
RASULPUR, P.O. Sandalpur 851217
SAIDPUR, P.O. Chharrapatti 851217
SANHA, P.O. Sanha 851217
CHAUKI, P.O. Chauki 851217
MALHIPUR BARARI, P.O. Saligrami 851217
SAMASTIPUR, P.O. Samastipur 851217
SOWAE KHAS, P.O. Raghunathpur 851217
ACHHE CHAK, P.O. Sahebpur Kamal 851217
KADAM RASUL, P.O. Panchbir 851217
PACHMIR, P.O. Panchbir 851217
SAHEBPUR KAMAL, P.O. Sahebpur Kamal 851217
SALEMABAD, P.O. Salemabad 851217
SIRICHANDPUR, P.O. Saligrami 851217
HARBAL CHAK, P.O. Sahebpur Kamal 851217
KALYANPUR, P.O. Sahebpur Kamal 851217
RAJAURA ARAZI, P.O. Chauki 851217
SABDALPUR, P.O. Sandalpur 851217

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