Pincode : 465223

Pin code of BADODRANA is 465223. This location belongs to pin code of Ranibarod post office situated in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : BADODRANA

Post Office : Ranibarod BO

Postal Code : 465223

Sub District : Shujalpur

District : Shajapur

State : Madhya Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 465223

Location District
Akodia Shajapur
Bhaisrod Shajapur
Hadlaya Kala Shajapur
Kethlay Shajapur
Mohmmadkheda Shajapur
Patlawada Shajapur
Polaikhrud Shajapur
Ranibarod Shajapur
Uchod Shajapur

Nearby local areas of BADODRANA sharing pincode 465223

Area / Village Pin Code
AJEEJPUR, P.O. Patlawada 465223
BAWANHEDA, P.O. Ranibarod 465223
PATLAWADA, P.O. Patlawada 465223
LASUDLIYA MEHA, P.O. Bhaisrod 465223
MAHU GHAT, P.O. Bhaisrod 465223
PALSAWAD, P.O. Kethlay 465223
ADALIM KHEDI, P.O. Kethlay 465223
BANKA KHEDI, P.O. Ranibarod 465223
BORSALI, P.O. Polaikhrud 465223
KHEDI NAGAR, P.O. Mohmmadkheda 465223
BADODRANA, P.O. Ranibarod 465223
BAMORI SHAJAPUR, P.O. Akodia 465223
MAGRANIYA, P.O. Uchod 465223
SABUDDI KHEDA, P.O. Mohmmadkheda 465223
CHAPADIYA, P.O. Patlawada 465223
MOHAMMAD KHEDA, P.O. Mohmmadkheda 465223
NISHANA, P.O. Hadlaya Kala 465223
RANOGANJ, P.O. Mohmmadkheda 465223
UNCHOD, P.O. Uchod 465223
AJNAI, P.O. Mohmmadkheda 465223
AKODIYA, P.O. Akodia 465223
AKODIYA, P.O. Ranibarod 465223
HADLAY KALAN, P.O. Hadlaya Kala 465223
MOHAMMAD KHEDA, P.O. Akodia 465223
RICHHODA, P.O. Mohmmadkheda 465223
TITODI KHEDA, P.O. Kethlay 465223
BARODRANI, P.O. Ranibarod 465223
BHENSROD, P.O. Bhaisrod 465223
KETHLAY, P.O. Kethlay 465223
POLAYA KHURD, P.O. Polaikhrud 465223

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