Pincode : 503305

Pin code of BABULGAON is 503305. This location belongs to pin code of Wajrakhandi post office situated in Nizamabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : BABULGAON

Post Office : Wajrakhandi BO

Postal Code : 503305

Sub District : Jukkal

District : Nizamabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 503305

Location District State
Baswapur Nizamabad Telangana
Dongaon Nizamabad Telangana
Edgikalan Nizamabad Telangana
Gullabuzrug Nizamabad Telangana
Jukkal Nizamabad Telangana
Khandeballur Nizamabad Telangana
Kolas I Nizamabad Telangana
Shantapur Nizamabad Telangana
Wajrakhandi Nizamabad Telangana

Nearby local areas of BABULGAON sharing pincode 503305

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
CHINNA EDGI, P.O. Edgikalan Jukkal 503305
JAGANNATHAPALLE, P.O. Shantapur Bichkunda 503305
KANTHALI, P.O. Gullabuzrug Jukkal 503305
LADEGAON, P.O. Baswapur Jukkal 503305
LINGAMPALLE, P.O. Khandeballur Jukkal 503305
MANYAPUR, P.O. Shantapur Bichkunda 503305
SAVARGAON, P.O. Khandeballur Jukkal 503305
SIDDAPUR, P.O. Jukkal Jukkal 503305
SOPUR, P.O. Dongaon Jukkal 503305
TUPDAL KOWLASA, P.O. Shantapur Bichkunda 503305
KATHALWADI, P.O. Gullabuzrug Jukkal 503305
LONGAON, P.O. Jukkal Jukkal 503305
MAILAR, P.O. Wajrakhandi Jukkal 503305
PEDDA GHULLA, P.O. Gullabuzrug Jukkal 503305
WAJRAKHANDI, P.O. Wajrakhandi Jukkal 503305
BABULGAON, P.O. Wajrakhandi Jukkal 503305
GUNDOOR, P.O. Jukkal Jukkal 503305
RUDRAPAHAD, P.O. Baswapur Jukkal 503305
KHANAPUR, P.O. Baswapur Jukkal 503305
KHANDEBALLOOR, P.O. Khandeballur Jukkal 503305
BANGARPALLE, P.O. Wajrakhandi Jukkal 503305
CHINNA GHULLA, P.O. Gullabuzrug Jukkal 503305
KHEMRAJA KALLALI, P.O. Khandeballur Jukkal 503305
MOHAMMADABAD, P.O. Khandeballur Jukkal 503305
POCHARAM, P.O. Kolas I Jukkal 503305
SHIVAPUR, P.O. Kolas I Jukkal 503305
DONGAON, P.O. Dongaon Jukkal 503305
DOSTPALLE, P.O. Dongaon Jukkal 503305
MADHAPUR, P.O. Jukkal Jukkal 503305
PADAMPALLE, P.O. Edgikalan Jukkal 503305
SHANTAPUR, P.O. Shantapur Bichkunda 503305
BASWAPUR, P.O. Baswapur Jukkal 503305
BIJJALWADI, P.O. Gullabuzrug Jukkal 503305
JUKKAL, P.O. Jukkal Jukkal 503305
KOWLAS, P.O. Kolas I Jukkal 503305
LINGAPUR, P.O. Shantapur Bichkunda 503305
PEDDA EDGI, P.O. Edgikalan Jukkal 503305

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