BABUKHAL Postal Code

Pincode : 795115

Pin code of BABUKHAL is 795115. This location belongs to pin code of BR Colony post office situated in Imphal West district of Manipur.

Village / Locality Name : BABUKHAL

Post Office : BR Colony BO

Postal Code : 795115

Sub District : Jiribam Sub-Division

District : Imphal West

State : Manipur

List of post office belong to postal code 795115

Location District
Bidyanagar Imphal West
BR Colony Imphal West
Gularthol Imphal West
Kashimpur Imphal West
Keimai Imphal West
New Keiphundai Imphal West

Nearby local areas of BABUKHAL sharing pincode 795115

Area / Village Pin Code
BABUKHAL, P.O. BR Colony 795115
KAIMAI, P.O. Keimai 795115
KAMARANGA KUKI, P.O. Bidyanagar 795115
LHANGNOM, P.O. Keimai 795115
PHAITOL, P.O. New Keiphundai 795115
RANGKEKILONG, P.O. New Keiphundai 795115
JATRAPUR, P.O. Gularthol 795115
KAIMAI, P.O. Gularthol 795115
KAIPHUNDAI, P.O. New Keiphundai 795115
SABUGHAT, P.O. BR Colony 795115
TATBUNG, P.O. Keimai 795115
AHAMADABAD, P.O. Kashimpur 795115
HARINAGAR, P.O. Gularthol 795115
KASHIMPUR, P.O. Kashimpur 795115
MUKTOKHAL, P.O. Keimai 795115
T MOTBUNG, P.O. Keimai 795115
BOROIKHAL, P.O. BR Colony 795115
KHEDRAGA MIKIR, P.O. Keimai 795115
NUNGKAO, P.O. Gularthol 795115
THINGTATBUNG, P.O. New Keiphundai 795115
TONGTAO, P.O. New Keiphundai 795115
KATIANG, P.O. Keimai 795115
KOLBUNG, P.O. Keimai 795115
UCHATHOL, P.O. Gularthol 795115
VANGAICHUNGPAO, P.O. New Keiphundai 795115
JAROLPOKPI, P.O. Kashimpur 795115
KAIPHUNDAI, P.O. Gularthol 795115
KAMARANGA, P.O. Bidyanagar 795115
HILGHAT, P.O. Gularthol 795115
JAROLPOKPI, P.O. Gularthol 795115
OINAMLONG, P.O. Keimai 795115
PANGKOTPHAI, P.O. Keimai 795115
THINGCHAMPHAI, P.O. Keimai 795115
KARAMKHA KHASI, P.O. Keimai 795115
KASHIMPUR, P.O. Gularthol 795115
KHEDARGA KHASI, P.O. Keimai 795115
LEISHABITHOL, P.O. Kashimpur 795115
MAOKOT, P.O. Keimai 795115
OLD KAIPHUNDAI, P.O. New Keiphundai 795115
TOLEN, P.O. Keimai 795115

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