Pincode : 802211

Pin code of BABHANAUL is 802211. This location belongs to pin code of Babhnaul post office situated in Rohtas district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : BABHANAUL

Post Office : Babhnaul SO

Postal Code : 802211

Sub District : Dawath

District : Rohtas

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 802211

Location District State
Awarhi Rohtas Bihar
Babhnaul Rohtas Bihar
Chatara Rohtas Bihar
Gunsej Rohtas Bihar
Mednipur Rohtas Bihar
Semri Rohtas Bihar

Nearby local areas of BABHANAUL sharing pincode 802211

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BAIRIYA, P.O. Chatara Dawath 802211
CHORANTI, P.O. Awarhi Dawath 802211
DHAWAI, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
KAWAI, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
MAHAVEER GANJ, P.O. Babhnaul Dawath 802211
BELASPUR, P.O. Gunsej Dinara 802211
CHHITNI, P.O. Chatara Dawath 802211
DHARKANDHA, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
HAROJA, P.O. Mednipur Nasriganj 802211
PARSIYA KALEN, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
BAKRA, P.O. Gunsej Dinara 802211
BITHWA, P.O. Babhnaul Dawath 802211
KUKURAHA TOLA, P.O. Mednipur Nasriganj 802211
LOHRA, P.O. Gunsej Dinara 802211
MALIYA BAG, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
CHATRA, P.O. Chatara Dawath 802211
GUNSEJ, P.O. Gunsej Dinara 802211
CHOUBEYPUR, P.O. Babhnaul Dawath 802211
MANOHARPUR, P.O. Mednipur Nasriganj 802211
PARSIYAKHURD, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
SEMRI, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
SEMRI, P.O. Semri Dinara 802211
DAMDIHA, P.O. Awarhi Dawath 802211
HARPUR, P.O. Babhnaul Dawath 802211
JAMSONA, P.O. Awarhi Dawath 802211
MEDNIPUR, P.O. Mednipur Nasriganj 802211
PANIYARI, P.O. Mednipur Nasriganj 802211
ANWARHI, P.O. Awarhi Dawath 802211
BENSAGAR, P.O. Mednipur Nasriganj 802211
DEWRHI, P.O. Chatara Dawath 802211
GHUNSARI, P.O. Awarhi Dawath 802211
PONGARHI, P.O. Mednipur Nasriganj 802211
RAJAUNDHA, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
BABHANAUL, P.O. Babhnaul Dawath 802211
MAHUARI, P.O. Babhnaul Dawath 802211
PARMESHWARPUR, P.O. Semri Dawath 802211
SAHINAON, P.O. Babhnaul Dawath 802211

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