ASHTA Postal Code

Pincode : 504101

Pin code of ASHTA is 504101. This location belongs to pin code of Ashta post office situated in Adilabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : ASHTA

Post Office : Ashta BO

Postal Code : 504101

Sub District : Mudhole

District : Adilabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 504101

Location District State
Ashta Adilabad Telangana
Basar Adilabad Adilabad Telangana
Bidrelli Adilabad Telangana
Boregaon Adilabad Telangana
Brahmangaon Adilabad Telangana
Kankapur Adilabad Telangana
Kirgul Adilabad Telangana
Yellawath Adilabad Telangana

Nearby local areas of ASHTA sharing pincode 504101

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
ASHTA, P.O. Ashta Mudhole 504101
LABDI, P.O. Yellawath Tanoor 504101
GANORA, P.O. Brahmangaon Mudhole 504101
KIRGUL BUZURG, P.O. Kirgul Mudhole 504101
KIRGUL KHURD, P.O. Kirgul Mudhole 504101
MAILAPUR, P.O. Basar Adilabad Mudhole 504101
SHETPALLE, P.O. Brahmangaon Mudhole 504101
VITHOLI THANDA, P.O. Brahmangaon Mudhole 504101
BRAHMANGAON, P.O. Brahmangaon Mudhole 504101
SAWARGAON, P.O. Ashta Mudhole 504101
SURLI, P.O. Ashta Mudhole 504101
BOREGAON, P.O. Boregaon Mudhole 504101
MUDHOLE, P.O. Kankapur Mudhole 504101
ABDULLAPUR, P.O. Kankapur Lokeswaram 504101
KOWTHA, P.O. Ashta Mudhole 504101
TAKLI, P.O. Bidrelli Mudhole 504101
VITHOLI, P.O. Brahmangaon Mudhole 504101
WASTAPUR, P.O. Kankapur Lokeswaram 504101
DHODAPUR, P.O. Bidrelli Mudhole 504101
JOHARPUR, P.O. Kankapur Lokeswaram 504101
RIUVI, P.O. Brahmangaon Mudhole 504101
WADHONE, P.O. Yellawath Tanoor 504101
RAJU THANDA, P.O. Brahmangaon Mudhole 504101
SALAPUR, P.O. Ashta Mudhole 504101
VONI, P.O. Ashta Mudhole 504101
YELLAWAT, P.O. Yellawath Tanoor 504101
BASAR, P.O. Basar Adilabad Mudhole 504101
BIDRALLI, P.O. Bidrelli Mudhole 504101
WADTHALA, P.O. Boregaon Mudhole 504101

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