ARJUNPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 816104

Pin code of ARJUNPUR is 816104. This location belongs to pin code of Arjunpur post office situated in Pakur district of Jharkhand.

Village / Locality Name : ARJUNPUR

Post Office : Arjunpur BO

Postal Code : 816104

Sub District : Pathna

District : Pakur

State : Jharkhand

List of post office belong to postal code 816104

Location District State
Arjunpur Pakur Jharkhand
Bichmahal Pakur Jharkhand
Dangapara Pakur Jharkhand
Dhoadanga Pakur Jharkhand
Dulmidanga Pakur Jharkhand
Hiranpur Pakur Jharkhand
Litipara Pakur Jharkhand
Mohulbona Pakur Jharkhand
Padarkola Pakur Jharkhand
Surajbera Pakur Jharkhand
Talpahari Pakur Jharkhand

Nearby local areas of ARJUNPUR sharing pincode 816104

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
AMARBHITA, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
ARAZI RAMPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Barharwa 816104
BAGHSISA, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
BAIKUNTHPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Barharwa 816104
BAKULA, P.O. Dhoadanga Saraiyahat 816104
BARA BANSPAHARI, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BARA KAMGORA, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BASTADIH, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
BATHANI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
BELDIHA, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
BELPAHARI, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
BITAKEPU, P.O. Arjunpur Sundarpahari 816104
CHAGJO, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
CHANDPUR, P.O. Padarkola Amrapara 816104
CHHOTASURUJBERA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
DAHARLANGI, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
DANGAPARA, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
DHAWADANGA, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
DUNDAPAHARI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
GOPALPUR, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
HIRANPUR BAZAR, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
ILKRU, P.O. Arjunpur Sundarpahari 816104
JIAJORI, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
JORARO, P.O. Padarkola Amrapara 816104
KARANGHATI, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
KOTALPARA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
MAKRI, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
NEYAGRAM, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
PARERKOLA, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
PORPARA, P.O. Padarkola Amrapara 816104
SURUJBERA, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
TELBITA, P.O. Arjunpur Sundarpahari 816104
TELOPARA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
THUNGI, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
AMARBHITA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
AMBERBHITA, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
BAGHAUTA, P.O. Arjunpur Saraiyahat 816104
BALIDIH, P.O. Padarkola Amrapara 816104
BALIYAKOL, P.O. Arjunpur Mohanpur 816104
BARA KENDUA, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
BARAMASIA, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
BARASARSA, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
BARTOLA, P.O. Dulmidanga Hiranpur 816104
BHANDARO, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
DALAHI AMARPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Pathna 816104
DHOPAHARI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
DOPAHARI, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
DULMI, P.O. Dulmidanga Hiranpur 816104
DURIO, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
GAURIPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
GUMAPAHAR, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
HATH KATHI, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
HIRANPUR, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
JOGESHWAR, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
KARIPAHARI, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
KESCHIPRI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
KOLARKANDA, P.O. Arjunpur Masalia 816104
KORIADIH, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
KUKRAMA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
KURODALI, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
KUSUMGHATI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
MAHARO, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
NARGANJ, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
RANBAHIAR, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
SAMLAPUR, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
SIJUAKOL, P.O. Arjunpur Boarijor 816104
AMARPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Mahagama 816104
BALRAMPUR, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
BAMNIPAHAR, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
BARA KURIA, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BARAPOKHAR, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
BARASURUJBERA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
BHAURABANDH, P.O. Hiranpur Barharwa 816104
BICHMAHUL, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
BISHUNPUR, P.O. Dulmidanga Hiranpur 816104
BOHARA, P.O. Padarkola Litipara 816104
CHAK LAKHANPUR, P.O. Dulmidanga Hiranpur 816104
CHAUKIDHAB, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
CHHOTAPOKHRIA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
DANGAPARA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
DOMERIA, P.O. Talpahari Litipara 816104
GHARGHARIA, P.O. Arjunpur Pathna 816104
HIRANPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Maheshpur 816104
ITAHARI, P.O. Arjunpur Meherma 816104
JAMUNKITA, P.O. Arjunpur Saraiyahat 816104
JAPHRI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
JORDIHA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
KARAM TOLA, P.O. Arjunpur Godda 816104
LABDAGHATI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
MADHUBAN, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
PAIYABHITA, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
PATHURIA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
PHULPAHARI, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
RAJPOKHAR, P.O. Arjunpur Pakuria 816104
ROGRO, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
SADHUTARI, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
SAGRAMPUR, P.O. Talpahari Litipara 816104
SAOLAPUR, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
SONAJORI, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
TARAPURKHAS, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
TETULKURIA SANTALI, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
AMJHARI, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
ARJUNPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Pathna 816104
BAIJNATHPUR, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
BARA CHETRO, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BARA EJGO, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BARA TELOPARA, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BARAKHAMBIPAHAR, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
BINDADIH, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
BIRGAON, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
BUNDA MAGO, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
CHHOTA CHETRO, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
DAHARIPAHAR, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
DALDALI, P.O. Surajbera Godda 816104
DUMARHIR, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
DURGAPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Hiranpur 816104
HATHIGARH, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
JABDIH, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
JAMKANDAR, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
JAMUA, P.O. Arjunpur Saraiyahat 816104
JIRLI, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
JITALPUR, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
KUNJBONA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
KUSAMDANGAL, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
KUSUMJHARNA, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
MAGNASAR, P.O. Arjunpur Deoghar 816104
MOHANPUR, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
MOHULBONA, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
PARBAD, P.O. Padarkola Amrapara 816104
RAMPUR, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
RANGA, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
RANIPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
SAHARGHATI, P.O. Padarkola Amrapara 816104
SAHARJURI, P.O. Padarkola Litipara 816104
SAWTAL BADIYA, P.O. Dulmidanga Deoghar 816104
SIMALDHAB, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
SIMLAJORI, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
SYAMPUR, P.O. Surajbera Hiranpur 816104
TALPAHARI, P.O. Talpahari Hiranpur 816104
TARKAI, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
TETUL TOLA, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
ANIBHITA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
BANSPAHAR, P.O. Arjunpur Borio 816104
BARA GORRO, P.O. Arjunpur Ramgarh 816104
BARAPAKTOLI, P.O. Dhoadanga Litipara 816104
BIRGAON, P.O. Dulmidanga Hiranpur 816104
CHALI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
CHANDIPUR, P.O. Padarkola Hiranpur 816104
CHAUJORA GHAT, P.O. Dulmidanga Mahagama 816104
CHHOTASARSA, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
CHITPAHAR, P.O. Arjunpur Pathna 816104
DEBAPARA, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
DUMARBHITA, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
GOBINDPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
GODPAHARI, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
GOHALBARI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
GOHANDA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
GUAKAOLA, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
GUTIJHARNA, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
HIRANPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
JABARDAHA, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
JAMPUR, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
JITPUR, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
JOGGARIA, P.O. Arjunpur Pakuria 816104
KALDAM, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
KAMALGHATI, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
KARAMBITA, P.O. Arjunpur Borio 816104
KERPAN, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
KUMARBHAJA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
MASPARA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
SANGATOLA, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
TALJHARI, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
TALPAHARI, P.O. Talpahari Litipara 816104
TARAPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
TATGODA, P.O. Arjunpur Sundarpahari 816104
ASANBANI, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
BADALPUR, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
BELPAHARI, P.O. Hiranpur Barharwa 816104
BISHUNPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
CHAGARJANI, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
CHAPALPAHAR, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
DARAJMARH, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
DOMSI, P.O. Arjunpur Saraiyahat 816104
DULMIDANGA, P.O. Dulmidanga Hiranpur 816104
HIRANPUR KHAS, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
IDRI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
JHENAGARIA, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
KUBJI BEDO, P.O. Arjunpur Sundarpahari 816104
MAHESHKITA PARTABPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Meherma 816104
MAKNIPAHAR, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
MASNUDIH, P.O. Arjunpur Deoghar 816104
PATUARA, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
PIPRA, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
SAHARPUR, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
SAMU KITA, P.O. Arjunpur Mahagama 816104
SOLAHBIGHIA, P.O. Arjunpur Mahagama 816104
SUNDERPAHARI, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
TISRO, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
BADE, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
BARA GURSO, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BARA MALIPARA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
BARA POKHARIA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
BARAMASIA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
BINJHA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
BIRAJPUR, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
BUNDA BARAGHAT, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
CHALPAHAR, P.O. Dhoadanga Litipara 816104
CHHOTA DURGAPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Pathna 816104
CHITLO, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
DHORWARI, P.O. Dhoadanga Jarmundi 816104
GUNGRA MANGO, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
HATHBANDHA, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
JAMPUR, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
KARI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
KARODIH, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
KUKURDOBA, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
LITIPARA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
MASKAND KACHUA, P.O. Arjunpur Mahagama 816104
MOHABATPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Pathna 816104
NAND KURA, P.O. Padarkola Palojori 816104
NAWADI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
NIPANIA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
RAJBARI, P.O. Arjunpur Pakuria 816104
RANGA, P.O. Bichmahal Hiranpur 816104
SADANANDPUR, P.O. Surajbera Maheshpur 816104
SHAMPUR, P.O. Dangapara Litipara 816104
SIJUA, P.O. Padarkola Amrapara 816104
TANGANI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
TARJOLA, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
THURSADIH, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
AMARPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
ARAZI BALRAMPUR, P.O. Hiranpur Hiranpur 816104
BAHABANDILA, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BAHARA, P.O. Padarkola Amrapara 816104
BALSARA CHHIT, P.O. Arjunpur Mohanpur 816104
BANSBHITA, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
BEHRA, P.O. Padarkola Litipara 816104
BISHONATH, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
CHAK LODHWA, P.O. Hiranpur Barharwa 816104
CHATNI, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
CHHOTA KACHNA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
CHHOTAMARGO, P.O. Mohulbona Litipara 816104
CHOTA KENDUA, P.O. Dhoadanga Hiranpur 816104
DAHARI SANTALI, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
DANGAPARA, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
DARAJMATH, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
DUMRIA, P.O. Talpahari Hiranpur 816104
GANROPAHARI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
GAURIPUR, P.O. Dangapara Hiranpur 816104
JALAKUNDI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
JAMJURI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
KANS NEWADA, P.O. Arjunpur Barharwa 816104
KASMIR CHAK, P.O. Arjunpur Meherma 816104
KAUADHAB, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
KAURIBAHIYARMAL CHHIT, P.O. Arjunpur Godda 816104
KUMARKATA, P.O. Surajbera Litipara 816104
KUNDI, P.O. Hiranpur Pathna 816104
LATEBARI, P.O. Bichmahal Litipara 816104
MADHUPUR, P.O. Arjunpur Meherma 816104
MAL DHAMSAIN, P.O. Arjunpur Godda 816104
NAWADIH, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
PARTAPPUR MAL, P.O. Arjunpur Meherma 816104
SAHRI, P.O. Arjunpur Pathna 816104
SIDHAGHATI, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
TESUBA THAN, P.O. Arjunpur Sundarpahari 816104
TETULKURIA, P.O. Hiranpur Litipara 816104
TETULPARA, P.O. Litipara Litipara 816104
TEWARIDIH, P.O. Litipara Deoghar 816104

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