Pincode : 583130

Pin code of APPAINAHALLI is 583130. This location belongs to pin code of Appayyanahalli post office situated in Bellary district of Karnataka.

Village / Locality Name : APPAINAHALLI

Post Office : Appayyanahalli BO

Postal Code : 583130

Sub District : Kudligi

District : Bellary

State : Karnataka

List of post office belong to postal code 583130

Location District State
Appayyanahalli Bellary Karnataka
Bellighatta Bellary Karnataka
Chandrashekharapura Bellary Karnataka
Gandabommanahalli Bellary Karnataka
Gudekota Bellary Karnataka
Hulikunta Bellary Karnataka
K Rayapura Bellary Karnataka
Mahadevapura Bellary Karnataka
Ramadurga Bellary Karnataka
Shidigallu Bellary Karnataka
Srikanthapura Bellary Karnataka
Thimmanahalli Bellary Karnataka

Nearby local areas of APPAINAHALLI sharing pincode 583130

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
MAHADEVARAPURA, P.O. Mahadevapura Kudligi 583130
SRIKANTAPURA THANDA, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
GANDABOMMANAHALLI, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
SIDEGALLU, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
BELLIGATTA, P.O. Bellighatta Kudligi 583130
BELLIGATTA, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
GUDEKOTA, P.O. Srikanthapura Kudligi 583130
HULIKUNTA, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
APPAINAHALLI, P.O. Appayyanahalli Kudligi 583130
CHANDRASEKARAPURA, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
GANDABOMMANAHALLI, P.O. Gandabommanahalli Kudligi 583130
RAMADURG, P.O. Ramadurga Kudligi 583130
URADIHALLI, P.O. Thimmanahalli Kudligi 583130
YEKKIGUNDI, P.O. Gandabommanahalli Kudligi 583130
NARASIMHAGIRI, P.O. Bellighatta Kudligi 583130
SIDEGALLU, P.O. Shidigallu Kudligi 583130
YERABANAHALLI, P.O. Srikanthapura Sandur 583130
APPAINAHALLI, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
GUDEKOTA, P.O. K Rayapura Kudligi 583130
HULIKUNTA, P.O. Hulikunta Kudligi 583130
HULIKUNTA 73, P.O. Hulikunta Sandur 583130
KUDUREDUVU, P.O. Ramadurga Kudligi 583130
MAHADEVARAPURA, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
SRIKANTAPURA THANDA, P.O. Srikanthapura Kudligi 583130
CHANDRASEKARAPURA, P.O. Chandrashekharapura Kudligi 583130
GUDEKOTA, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
HALASAGARA, P.O. Mahadevapura Kudligi 583130
KASAPURA, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
RAMADURG, P.O. Gudekota Kudligi 583130
THIMMALAPURA, P.O. Thimmanahalli Hospet 583130

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