Pincode : 521324

Pin code of AMUDALAPALLE is 521324. This location belongs to pin code of Amudalapalli post office situated in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : AMUDALAPALLE

Post Office : Amudalapalli BO

Postal Code : 521324

Sub District : Bantumilli

District : Krishna

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 521324

Location District State
Amudalapalli Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Bantumilli Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Cherukumilli Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Chorampudi Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Jayapuram Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Komallapudi Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Korlapadu Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Krithivennu Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Lakshmipuram Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Malleswaram Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Matlam Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Mulaparru Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Munipeda Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Neelipudi Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Nidamarru Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Pandraka Krishna Andhra Pradesh
Pendurru Krishna Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of AMUDALAPALLE sharing pincode 521324

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
CHORAMPUDI, P.O. Chorampudi Bantumilli 521324
GANESH COLONY, P.O. Bantumilli Bantumilli 521324
GARLAGUNTA, P.O. Mulaparru Bantumilli 521324
JAYAPURAM, P.O. Jayapuram Bantumilli 521324
PATCHYAPURAM, P.O. Malleswaram Bantumilli 521324
SITARAMPURAM, P.O. Pandraka Bantumilli 521324
VADALANKA, P.O. Krithivennu Kruthivennu 521324
VADLAGARRU, P.O. Chorampudi Bantumilli 521324
ADDAPARRU, P.O. Krithivennu Kruthivennu 521324
CHANDALA, P.O. Lakshmipuram Kruthivennu 521324
GOLLAGUDEM, P.O. Komallapudi Kruthivennu 521324
JANIRAMPURAM, P.O. Mulaparru Bantumilli 521324
KOMALLAPUDI, P.O. Komallapudi Kruthivennu 521324
LAKSHMIPURAM, P.O. Lakshmipuram Kruthivennu 521324
LAKSHMIPURAM LOCK, P.O. Lakshmipuram Kruthivennu 521324
NEELIPUDI, P.O. Neelipudi Kruthivennu 521324
NTR COLONY, P.O. Bantumilli Bantumilli 521324
PEDA PANDRAKA, P.O. Pandraka Bantumilli 521324
PEDAGOLLAPALEM, P.O. Nidamarru Kruthivennu 521324
RAMAPURAM, P.O. Pandraka Bantumilli 521324
SC COLONY, P.O. Bantumilli Bantumilli 521324
TADIVENNU, P.O. Nidamarru Kruthivennu 521324
UPPULURU, P.O. Cherukumilli Kruthivennu 521324
AMUDALAPALLI, P.O. Amudalapalli Bantumilli 521324
BANTUMILLI, P.O. Jayapuram Bantumilli 521324
CHINA PANDRAKA, P.O. Malleswaram Kruthivennu 521324
KOTTURU, P.O. Pendurru Bantumilli 521324
LAKSHMINARAYANA PURAM, P.O. Mulaparru Bantumilli 521324
MULAPARRU, P.O. Mulaparru Bantumilli 521324
NAGESWARAPETA, P.O. Mulaparru Bantumilli 521324
PAATIMEDA, P.O. Komallapudi Kruthivennu 521324
PANDRAKA, P.O. Pandraka Bantumilli 521324
VEERALAGANDITIPPA, P.O. Nidamarru Kruthivennu 521324
BANTUMILLI, P.O. Bantumilli Bantumilli 521324
MATLAM, P.O. Matlam Kruthivennu 521324
MUNIPEDA, P.O. Munipeda Kruthivennu 521324
NARAYANAPURAM, P.O. Korlapadu Bantumilli 521324
PALLEKONDAVARIMODI, P.O. Jayapuram Bantumilli 521324
PARVATHIPURAM, P.O. Pandraka Bantumilli 521324
PENDURRU, P.O. Pendurru Bantumilli 521324
VENKATANARAYANAPURAM, P.O. Chorampudi Bantumilli 521324
AMUDALAPALLE, P.O. Amudalapalli Bantumilli 521324
CHERKUMILLI, P.O. Cherukumilli Kruthivennu 521324
HARIJANAWADA, P.O. Komallapudi Kruthivennu 521324
LAXMIPURAM, P.O. Lakshmipuram Kruthivennu 521324
NIDAMARRU, P.O. Nidamarru Kruthivennu 521324
NIRANJANRAO NAGAR, P.O. Bantumilli Bantumilli 521324
PALLEPALEM, P.O. Lakshmipuram Kruthivennu 521324
PENNAM DIBBA, P.O. Matlam Kruthivennu 521324
STRAVAPALEM, P.O. Pandraka Bantumilli 521324
YADAVAPALEM, P.O. Korlapadu Bantumilli 521324
ANANDARAO PETA, P.O. Pandraka Bantumilli 521324
CHERUKUMILLI, P.O. Cherukumilli Kruthivennu 521324
GARISEPUDI, P.O. Lakshmipuram Kruthivennu 521324
KRUTHIVENNU, P.O. Krithivennu Kruthivennu 521324
PODU, P.O. Nidamarru Kruthivennu 521324
SANGAMUDI, P.O. Krithivennu Kruthivennu 521324
BC COLONY, P.O. Bantumilli Bantumilli 521324
GOLLAGUDEM, P.O. Mulaparru Bantumilli 521324
KORLAPADU, P.O. Korlapadu Bantumilli 521324
KRITHIVENNU, P.O. Krithivennu Kruthivennu 521324
MADDETIPALLE, P.O. Amudalapalli Bantumilli 521324
SANNIDHANAM, P.O. Bantumilli Bantumilli 521324
BOLUGONDI, P.O. Krithivennu Kruthivennu 521324
ENDAPALLE, P.O. Cherukumilli Kruthivennu 521324
INTERU, P.O. Pandraka Kruthivennu 521324
MALLAPUDI, P.O. Chorampudi Bantumilli 521324
MALLESWARAM, P.O. Malleswaram Bantumilli 521324
ONTILLU, P.O. Krithivennu Kruthivennu 521324
PEETALAM, P.O. Krithivennu Kruthivennu 521324
RAMANAMODI, P.O. Jayapuram Bantumilli 521324

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