Pincode : 798604

Pin code of SHAHAPHUMI is 798604. This location belongs to pin code of Longnak post office situated in Mokokchung district of Nagaland.

Village / Locality Name : SHAHAPHUMI

Post Office : Longnak BO

Postal Code : 798604

Sub District : Mangkolemba

District : Mokokchung

State : Nagaland

List of post office belong to postal code 798604

Location District State
Alungkima Mokokchung Nagaland
Alungtaki Mokokchung Nagaland
Chungtia Yimsen Mokokchung Nagaland
Khari Mokokchung Nagaland
Longchem Mokokchung Nagaland
Longnak Mokokchung Nagaland
Mongchen Mokokchung Nagaland
Mongkholemba Mokokchung Nagaland
Waromung Mokokchung Nagaland

Nearby local areas of ALONGKIMA HQ sharing pincode 798604

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
ALONGKIMA, P.O. Alungkima Alongkima 798604
ATOPHUMI, P.O. Longnak Mangkolemba 798604
KHARI, P.O. Khari Alongkima 798604
LAKHUNI, P.O. Mongkholemba Longchem 798604
LONGSEMDANG, P.O. Mongkholemba Mangkolemba 798604
LONGTHO, P.O. Longnak Mangkolemba 798604
MEDEMYIM, P.O. Chungtia Yimsen Mangkolemba 798604
AONOKPUYIMSEN, P.O. Mongkholemba Longchem 798604
CHANDANG, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
LIRMEN, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
LONGCHEM COMP, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
MOAYIMTI, P.O. Longnak Mangkolemba 798604
TSURONG NAP CAMP, P.O. Longnak Mangkolemba 798604
WOROMONG COMP, P.O. Waromung Alongkima 798604
YAJANG A, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
YAJANG B, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
YAJANG C, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
MANGKOLEMBA HQ, P.O. Mongkholemba Mangkolemba 798604
SARINGYIM, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
WATIYIM, P.O. Chungtia Yimsen Mangkolemba 798604
WOROMONG, P.O. Waromung Alongkima 798604
AKUMEN C, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
LONGPHAYIMSEN, P.O. Chungtia Yimsen Mangkolemba 798604
NOKPU, P.O. Mongkholemba Longchem 798604
TSURMENYIMSEN, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
ALONGTAKI COMP, P.O. Alungtaki Longchem 798604
AONOKPU, P.O. Mongkholemba Longchem 798604
CHUNGTIAYIMSEN, P.O. Chungtia Yimsen Mangkolemba 798604
LONGCHEM, P.O. Longchem Longchem 798604
MANGKOLEMBA, P.O. Mongkholemba Mangkolemba 798604
TSUTAPELLA, P.O. Chungtia Yimsen Mangkolemba 798604
AOKUM, P.O. Mongkholemba Mangkolemba 798604
DIBUIA, P.O. Mongchen Alongkima 798604
JAPU, P.O. Mongkholemba Mangkolemba 798604
LONGNAK, P.O. Longnak Mangkolemba 798604
MONGCHEN, P.O. Mongchen Alongkima 798604
SATSUK, P.O. Longnak Mangkolemba 798604
YIMJEMKIMONG, P.O. Alungkima Alongkima 798604
ALONGKIMA HQ, P.O. Alungkima Alongkima 798604
AOSENDEN, P.O. Mongkholemba Mangkolemba 798604
AOSUNGKUM, P.O. Mongkholemba Mangkolemba 798604
PUNEBOTO COMP, P.O. Longnak Mangkolemba 798604
SHAHAPHUMI, P.O. Longnak Mangkolemba 798604

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